5 Feb 2024 Brd Mtn Min

February 26, 2024

5 Feb 2024

PSEC Webex

Started at 6:00 pm


Luis Leon ASMI
Sam Gheesling ASME
Andrew Gall SME
John Schaufellberger WSPE
George Bondor SAE
Dave Butcher IEEE
Paul van Tulder INCOSE
Kazuo Takeda IISE
Tiffany Tang SWE

Approval of Dec Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved, John 1st, Sam 2nd

Around the Room

AIAA: Andrew is attempting contact
ASM:  Luis, working on a March meeting
SAMPE: Tiffany, February 27th Puget Sound Material Expo at Museum of Flight 3:00 to 7:00
WSPE:  John, remote meeting at 6:00 pm Tuesday 1/16,  Turner Construction, Aquarium Project was excellent, nothing February, site tour in March
ASME: Sam no February meeting, Boeing  3D Printing Lab to be rescheduled likely, working on a joint meeting with IEEE
ASCE:  Paul Grant, nothing to report on agenda
ASHRAE: Kathi Shoemake – no update
SME: Andrew Gall – no update. Andrew attempting contact with Chairman
SAE: George excellent SAE ISO presentation on Automotive Cyber Security.Working on College student teams attendance at Engineering Fair
INCOSE: Paul van Tulder, new board, going to nominate a candidate for PSEC EoYA
IEEE: Dave Butcher, 2/13 tech talk is VHF dead at SeattleU
IISE: Kaz, working on 2024 program, highline mentor night
SWE: Tiffany, collegiate scholarships open, last day 2/15, will be at the Edmonds Expanding your horizons conference 3/27, have 250 high school workshop, lunar landing mission!  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2024-puget-sound-materials-expo-tickets-810376537037?aff=ebdssbdestsearch
SEAW, no update

Treasurers Report

Dave. Received dues from INCOSE, ASM, WSPE,SWE,SAE Paid, in works IEEE,ASME,SAMPE,SME,SEAW, Military
Boeing and Kenworth Banquet Sponsor commitmentstill due, making progress with KW
 Let Dave know if you have any website issues

Engineering 2024 Fair

Date of event March 16th, 2024
·         Two booths sold, thank you SEAW, Skunk Works as well
·         Please help advertise!  We have room for 30 booths

Engineering 2024 Banquet

Firm date May 4th
Sam Received contract from museum of flight, all set
.   Need to update description on Website……..Sam, done
.   Need a guest speaker, anniversary, aquarium, waterfront development, Dean College of Engineering at the UW?
·         Better signage to indicate our event
·         Solicitations for nominations starting in October but due in March 1st, at 5:00 PM reminder just sent out
.  Decision for awards ~10th March
.  Announcements early April start advertising event

Mentor nights

Seattle Central Colleges Networking Stem – Luis – Last Thursday in January, 1/25, great turn out of students and mentors, well done!  Successful, 19 mentors, 125-130 students.
Highline College – Luis – February 8th, 5:30, Melissa Cramer, only 21 students signed up, only 4 mentors signed up, Kaz is going to sign up too
UW Seattle – Gail Cornelius,  Director of Career Services, Re-energize: Freshmen Mentor Night 2/22 4:30-6:30 UW Hub, Looking for 50-70 mentors.  Post collegiate life, graduates of last decade would be preferred.  Freshmen class is undeclared engineering.  Areas for professional organizations. 
UW Bothell – Andrew  April 3rd, at 6 pm, Penciled in Forrest Zhang from IEEE is planning, ASME group is not active.Next steps is to IEEE is to reserve room and send out link
Green River – Luis – tbd April
North Seattle C College – Andrew, made contact at Seattle Central
Shoreline   – Andrew, reached out need new contact
Edmonds – Andrew
Tacoma Community College – Luis/Kaz, they are going to join at Highline to see how it goes
WSU – Everett –  Tiffany, made contact, sent info, we can set up a meeting if nece



We need volunteers on our board

This year’s PSEC Officers slate is:

Past President: Kathy Shoemake

President:  Andrew Gall

Treasurer: David Butcher

Secretary:  George Bondor

Still looking for 

President Elect

Need a webmaster

Need Engineering Fair chair

K-12 Activities Chair

Meeting ended at 6:42 pm

Next meeting 4 Mar 2024 online only

Looking for location for in person April meeting. Possible Brew Pub in South Seattle

June Meeting Agenda

June 3, 2018

Our June meeting will be on Monday June 4 at Razzi’s in Greenwood at 6pm. The agenda is:


  • Call to Order
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Around the Room
  • Treasurer Report
  • Calendar
  • Website Updates
  • Mentor Nights
  • Election of 2018-19 Officers
  • Swearing in of 2018-19 Officers
  • Action Item Review
  • Adjourn

February Meeting Agenda

February 4, 2018

Here is the February Agenda. We will meet at Razzi’s in Greenwood at 6pm on Monday February 5.

– Call to Order
– Approval of Agenda
– Approval of Minutes
– Around the Room
– Treasurer Report
– Calendar
Website Updates
– Mentor Nights
– Engineering Fair
– Awards Banquet
– Action Item Review
– Adjourn

Speakers Announced to AIAA Technical Symposium – Register Now

October 30, 2015

AIAA will have another outstanding program for the 2015 Technical Symposium: “Pacific Northwest at the Forefront of Innovation” being held at the Future of Flight Aviation Center in Mukilteo on Saturday November 14.


The program will feature presentations from:


Dr. Paul Bevilaqua, VTOL specialist and Chief Aeronautical Scientist at Lockheed Martin who invented the dual cycle propulsion system that made it possible to build a stealth supersonic VSTOL Strike Fighter;


Dr. Rostislav Spektor, Chair of the AIAA National Electric Propulsion Committee, and research scientist and Electric Propulsion and Plasma Science Section Head at The Aerospace Corp;


Ed Petkus, Vice President Airplane Development Engineering, Boeing Commercial Airplanes; and


Nick Patrick, Human Integration Architect at Blue Origin, former NASA Astronaut and Boeing flight deck engineer.


Presentations from experienced veteran in aviation technologies from outside the region include:


Capt. Joe Burns, a twenty-five year veteran of the aviation technology and communications industries and most recently the Managing Director of Flight Operations Technology and Flight Testing at United Airlines, NASA ATM subject matter expert, and CEO of Sensurion Aerospace; and


Dr. Bruce J. Holmes, senior executive with more than 40 years’ experience in industry and in NASA, and entrepreneurial experience in air transportation innovations at DayJet Corporation and , in complexity science tools applied to flightpath management at NextGen AeroSciences Inc. and global transportation demand and supply modeling AirMarkets Corporation.


Presentations from Pacific Northwest scientists, engineers, service providers, entrepreneurs and other members of the aeronautical, including:


Dr. Ralph Cavalieri, Center Director and Technical Lead for Alternative Jet Fuels Research, Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT) aka FAA Center of Excellence: Alternative Jet Fuels and the Environment;


Dr. Jacob Leachman, Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, WSU, and the initiator of the Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research Laboratory.  Dr. Leachman will discuss a partnership with Insitu Inc. funded by the Washington Joint Center for Aerospace Technology and Innovation (JCATI) to convert the popular ScanEagle UAS over to liquid hydrogen powered flight. He will also explain why “60 Years after Project Suntan the Future of Liquid Hydrogen Flight is Bright.


Dr. Kristi Morgansen, Professor in Aeronautics and Astronautics at UW, recent AIAA Associate Fellow, who will discuss “Integrated Sensing and Actuation for Biological and Engineered Aerospace Systems.”


Dr. Roger Parker, CTO, AirMarkets Corporation, who will explain the market for air travel and “What People Pay to Fly” or something like that.


Scott Philiben, President, CiES Inc., successful business founder with a track record of bringing new aircraft system design ideas and concepts to market that have become industry standards;


Jeanne Yu, Director, Environmental Performance and Integration Product Development, Boeing Commercial Airplanes; and


Financing Innovation Panel: Craig Ladkin, FOCUS Investment Bankers; Mike Kelley, Cascadia Capital, and others with experience assisting entrepreneurs and stories you’ll enjoy.


Register now at AIAA Tech Symposium Registration

AIAA Technical Symposium – Time to Register

October 26, 2015

This year’s Technical Symposium focuses on informing our audience and our membership of ways in which innovations in aerospace are redefining technological boundaries, creating new and improved aircraft and flight related systems, and expanding exploration opportunities in all aspects of flight and space travel.

The presentations in the Symposium will reveal the ways in which the presenters have found solutions for difficult problems and overcome obstacles by working together as a team. These experiences will show different ways of breaking through the technical, business, social and political barriers that we all face every day and, in that respect, we believe everyone will benefit from discussions at the Symposium.

Join us for cutting-edge speaker and panels including a Keynote session from:

Dr. Paul Bevilaqua

VTOL specialist and Chief Aeronautical Scientist at Lockheed Martin, who invented the dual cycle propulsion system that made it possible to build a stealth supersonic V/STOL Strike Fighter.

Other speakers include:

Dr. Ralph Cavalieri
, Center Director and Technical Lead for Alternative Jet Fuels Research, Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT), the FAA Center of Excellence: Alternative Jet Fuels and the Environment.

Scott Philiben, President, CiES Inc.

Dr. Rostislav Spektor, Chair of the AIAA National Electric Propulsion Committee
Kurt Polzin, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama

Dr. Kristi Morgansen, University of Washington Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics and new AIAA Associate Fellow

Captain Joe Burns, Managing Director of Flight Operations Technology and Flight Testing at United Airlines

Dr. Bruce J. Holmes, senior executive with more than 40 years’ experience in industry and in NASA

Dr. Roger Parker, AirMarkets Corporation.


Dr. Jacob Leachman, UAV Hydrogen Power System for Insitu and Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research Laboratory at Washington State University.


Plus an expert panel on Innovation Financing,
with regional investment bankers and venture capitalists.


Saturday November 14, 2015


Future of Flight Aviation Center

8415 Paine Field Blvd
Mukilteo, WA 98275

Registration Link: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ebnl23qe5b54d6df&llr=zhotlqdab

Contact symposium@pnwaiaa.org for more information

2014-2015 Year in Review

June 4, 2015

PSECEmblemCelebrating the 70th Years Anniversary  

Awards Nominations: John Schaufelberger

  • Had the largest count of awards – 7.
  • Introduced the new ‘K-12 STEM Engineering Teacher of the Year’ – Awarded to Karl Ruff, Roosevelt High School

Engineering Banquet: Sam Gheesling

  • This was the 57th Annual Banquet,
  • Keynote Speaker: Paula Hammond, Senior Vice President, Parsons Brinckerhoff spoke on ”Engineering a lasting legacy for Puget Sound”
  • Had 96 in attendance at the Museum of Flight, Boeing Field

Engineering Fair: Chris Roberdeau

  • Successful Event; 25 booths, ~600-700 students
  • Static display of the P8A as part of the event, Museum of Flight, Boeing Field

Mentor Nights: Jason Salazar

  • Six colleges had Mentor Nights this school year.
    • Seattle Pacific University / Seattle University
    • University of Washington, Bothell Campus
    • Seattle Central College
    • North Seattle College
    • Highline College
    • Bellevue College
    • Good attendance at Seattle Pacific. Considered to have a separate mentor night at Seattle University; perhaps in years to come this will be the case.
    • Had a drop-off in attendance at UW, Bothell and Highline.
    • At Bellevue, had 15 mentors and 40 students. Assumed since this was the first time for the sponsoring teacher that next year’s venue should be better attended.
  • George Mason, Pierce County was a school suggested by a PSEC member.

Website: Stan Dyck

  • Successfully moved to a new site and introduce an easier method for more people to post to the site.

By-laws Updated: Sam Gheesling

  • Updated the by-laws to make it less confusing regarding ‘weighted votes’.
  • Cleaned up membership dues are required by February 1st each year
  • Removed the Annual Dinner meeting requirement.
  • Defined all committees shall comprise of three individuals
  • Added the Awards Committee responsibilities

Inter Society Officers Workshop: Stephen Snelling

  • There were 28 Engineer Officers in attendance from 17 different Engineering Societies.
  • Website Overview – Stan Dyck
  • Engineering Educational activitiesWhat your Society does locally to support Engineering Education (K-12 & college), and any special events. Stephen Snelling
  • Young Professionals – How to get Young Professionals involved with your local Engineering Society, and special events they coordinate. Carmen Cejudo
  • New Officers – How to get new officers involved with running your local Engineering Society. David Butcher

 Meeting Minutes and Action Items: Colleen McClure

  • Timely meeting minutes to keep us all appraised of PSEC’s activities.
  • Actions were completed in a timely basis

Budget: Dave Butcher

  • Timely payments and kept PSEC well aware of budget changes.
  • Worked within this year’s budget throughout the year.

General Meetings

The last two meetings were held at Razzis Pizzeria, Greenwood area of North Seattle. This last year was spent evaluating various new venues to hold our meetings and it appears that the restaurant’s amenities are favorable, resulting in a new meeting home for our monthly meetings.

Introduced Short Society Presentations that went well. It is nice to hear details and accomplishments of the societies that make up PSEC. We went through about ½ of them.

In general, it was a very successful year!

Selecting Your Category

July 3, 2014


There are a couple of things you need to remember to make sure that your posts will appear on the website in the proper place and are easy for people to find. Probably the most important is that you need to select a category.

Take a look at the image on the right. You can click on it if you want to see a larger version of it. This is a screen shot taken from the “Add New Post” page. This is where you type in the test that will appear in your post. Notice the Categories section over on the right side. We have created a bunch of categories for you to choose from. Before you hit the “Publish” button above, make sure that you select the category that most fits your post.

It is possible to select more than one category but there is probably only one situation where you will be doing that. Let’s say I am writing a post about the PSEC Awards Banquet. Perhaps I want to post some pictures from the 2014 event. Or maybe I’m the event organizer and I want to make an announcement that the nominations are open and perhaps provide links to the nomination forms. In this case, when I write the post, I’ll make sure to check the “Awards Banquet” category. By doing so, it will be assured of appearing.

Now let’s say, I want to write a post about the Awards Banquet; that is, a document that would explain some aspect of the Banquet that another organizer might like to know or perhaps to upload a registration form that you used to sign up for the banquet hall. In that case, I still want to check the “Awards Banquet” category, since it is about the Awards Banquet, but I also should click the “Admin” category. The Admin category is reserved for posts that provide administrative details as opposed to reports about a specific event.

I should say also that in case you forget to select a category for your post or if you want to change it after you have already published it, that is not a problem. Just go to the dashboard and select “All Posts.” Find your post and click the “Quick Edit” link. You should see a list of categories pop up. After your modifications, make sure to click the “Update” button so that you changes will get published.