PSECEmblemCelebrating the 70th Years Anniversary  

Awards Nominations: John Schaufelberger

  • Had the largest count of awards – 7.
  • Introduced the new ‘K-12 STEM Engineering Teacher of the Year’ – Awarded to Karl Ruff, Roosevelt High School

Engineering Banquet: Sam Gheesling

  • This was the 57th Annual Banquet,
  • Keynote Speaker: Paula Hammond, Senior Vice President, Parsons Brinckerhoff spoke on ”Engineering a lasting legacy for Puget Sound”
  • Had 96 in attendance at the Museum of Flight, Boeing Field

Engineering Fair: Chris Roberdeau

  • Successful Event; 25 booths, ~600-700 students
  • Static display of the P8A as part of the event, Museum of Flight, Boeing Field

Mentor Nights: Jason Salazar

  • Six colleges had Mentor Nights this school year.
    • Seattle Pacific University / Seattle University
    • University of Washington, Bothell Campus
    • Seattle Central College
    • North Seattle College
    • Highline College
    • Bellevue College
    • Good attendance at Seattle Pacific. Considered to have a separate mentor night at Seattle University; perhaps in years to come this will be the case.
    • Had a drop-off in attendance at UW, Bothell and Highline.
    • At Bellevue, had 15 mentors and 40 students. Assumed since this was the first time for the sponsoring teacher that next year’s venue should be better attended.
  • George Mason, Pierce County was a school suggested by a PSEC member.

Website: Stan Dyck

  • Successfully moved to a new site and introduce an easier method for more people to post to the site.

By-laws Updated: Sam Gheesling

  • Updated the by-laws to make it less confusing regarding ‘weighted votes’.
  • Cleaned up membership dues are required by February 1st each year
  • Removed the Annual Dinner meeting requirement.
  • Defined all committees shall comprise of three individuals
  • Added the Awards Committee responsibilities

Inter Society Officers Workshop: Stephen Snelling

  • There were 28 Engineer Officers in attendance from 17 different Engineering Societies.
  • Website Overview – Stan Dyck
  • Engineering Educational activitiesWhat your Society does locally to support Engineering Education (K-12 & college), and any special events. Stephen Snelling
  • Young Professionals – How to get Young Professionals involved with your local Engineering Society, and special events they coordinate. Carmen Cejudo
  • New Officers – How to get new officers involved with running your local Engineering Society. David Butcher

 Meeting Minutes and Action Items: Colleen McClure

  • Timely meeting minutes to keep us all appraised of PSEC’s activities.
  • Actions were completed in a timely basis

Budget: Dave Butcher

  • Timely payments and kept PSEC well aware of budget changes.
  • Worked within this year’s budget throughout the year.

General Meetings

The last two meetings were held at Razzis Pizzeria, Greenwood area of North Seattle. This last year was spent evaluating various new venues to hold our meetings and it appears that the restaurant’s amenities are favorable, resulting in a new meeting home for our monthly meetings.

Introduced Short Society Presentations that went well. It is nice to hear details and accomplishments of the societies that make up PSEC. We went through about ½ of them.

In general, it was a very successful year!