Engineering Fair

Last Modified: December 14, 2021
by Chris Roberdeau

The Puget Sound Engineering Council (PSEC)  hosts an Engineering Fair in conjunction with local chapters of engineering societies, colleges, and businesses. The Engineering Fair is staffed by practicing engineers and technical people representing many types of engineering

2016 PSEC Engineering Fair-25

UW engineering students showing off a race car they designed and built.

disciplines. In addition, the Fair also features a hands-on design competition on site (The Popsicle Stick Bridge Load Competition sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers). More information on the contest can be found at


2016 PSEC Engineering Fair-43

Launching a straw rocket to see how high and straight it will go.
















The Fair provides a fun, visible way to see and hear about the various types of engineering disciplines, as well as encourage students to think about engineering as a career. This is an annual event that coincides with National Engineers Week in February.