There are a couple of things you need to remember to make sure that your posts will appear on the website in the proper place and are easy for people to find. Probably the most important is that you need to select a category.

Take a look at the image on the right. You can click on it if you want to see a larger version of it. This is a screen shot taken from the “Add New Post” page. This is where you type in the test that will appear in your post. Notice the Categories section over on the right side. We have created a bunch of categories for you to choose from. Before you hit the “Publish” button above, make sure that you select the category that most fits your post.

It is possible to select more than one category but there is probably only one situation where you will be doing that. Let’s say I am writing a post about the PSEC Awards Banquet. Perhaps I want to post some pictures from the 2014 event. Or maybe I’m the event organizer and I want to make an announcement that the nominations are open and perhaps provide links to the nomination forms. In this case, when I write the post, I’ll make sure to check the “Awards Banquet” category. By doing so, it will be assured of appearing.

Now let’s say, I want to write a post about the Awards Banquet; that is, a document that would explain some aspect of the Banquet that another organizer might like to know or perhaps to upload a registration form that you used to sign up for the banquet hall. In that case, I still want to check the “Awards Banquet” category, since it is about the Awards Banquet, but I also should click the “Admin” category. The Admin category is reserved for posts that provide administrative details as opposed to reports about a specific event.

I should say also that in case you forget to select a category for your post or if you want to change it after you have already published it, that is not a problem. Just go to the dashboard and select “All Posts.” Find your post and click the “Quick Edit” link. You should see a list of categories pop up. After your modifications, make sure to click the “Update” button so that you changes will get published.