March 7, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Published: March 14, 2016
by Dave

Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, March 7, 2016
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Razzis Pizzeria 8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103


Stan Dyck IEEE
Elaine Reeves SWE
Art Moss ASQ
Charles Beard
John Schaufelberger WSPE
Jason Salazar ASME
Luis Leon ASMI
Steve Marth SME
Sam Gheesling ASME
George Boudor SAE
Mark Powers IIE

Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions & Updates on Member Societies’ Events: All
    • See attendance above. Feel free to post your event announcements below.
  2. Approval of Agenda: All
    • Agenda approved (motion by Luis, second by John)
  3. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes:All
    • Minutes approved (motion by John, second by Luis)
  4. Treasurer’s Report : Chris Roberdeau (AIAA)
    • Chris was not in attendance. Report was submitted but unavailable during the meeting. Report was deferred until the April meeting.
  5. Website Updates Stan Dyck (IEEE)
    • Report is linked above
    • Luis agreed to create a report for the Awards Banquet
    • Discussion about the attribution rules for photographs on the website. Jason agreed to report on the relevant legal issues at the April meeting. Stan agreed to look into the attribution options in wordpress.
  6. Awards Committee Report: John Schaufelberger ( WSPE)
    • The banquet went well.
    • Some discussion about how to get more nominations. It was suggested that we might want to have Paul Grant present on how the ASCE is able to solicit so many nominations.
  7. Banquet Report: Luis Leon (ASMI)
    • 109 people showed up for the banquet
    • Photos will appear in the April edition of Seattle Met magazine
    • Speaker was good, food was good, Dave did a good job as MC. The badges should perhaps be larger. It was nice to have the PSEC table up front.
    • Some discussion about how to make the event bigger. The date of the event is problematic (near Valentines Day, Spring Break)
    • Mark suggested looking into the Portland Engineering Week events which are well publicized.
  8. Engineer’s Fair Committee: Chris Roberdeau (AIAA)
    • No report as Chris was not in attendance
  9. Mentor Nights: Jason Salazar (ASME)
    1. Future Mentor Nights: Jason Salazar (ASME)
      • Highline event is set up for April 19. Luis sent out an announcement this week.
      • Jason will be sending out an email soon soliciting mentors for future events. We currently only solicit mentors for an event that they participated in last year. This email will ask if mentors want to be solicited for all events.
    2. North Seattle College Mentor Night: Jason Salazar (ASME)
      • The event had 120 registered. about 80 came. 10-15 who weren’t registered came
      • 32 mentors, some of which were faculty. Many Civil and EE mentors, handfuls of others
      • We were billed only for the pizza (about $270)
  10. AMCon: Art Moss (ASQ)
    • Art reported that PSEC was well represented at the AMCon. Most of the brochures were handed out in the PSEC booth.
    • Leftover brochures are available. If anyone wants copies, contact Art.
  11. Events Calendar for 2015-2016: Sam Gheesling (ASME)
    • The event calendar was updated
    • The ISOW announcement message will need to go out soon. We should have it ready to go by the next Council meeting.
  12. Open Discussion: All
    • The WCERTE organization has asked that we send a representative to their Spring meeting.
  13. Action Items from Previous and this Meeting ReviewAll
    • See the list below

Action Items

  • Send out email to mentor volunteers [Jason]
  • Check Societies Page to make sure it is correct [All]
  • Bring camera for officer photo [Jason]
  • Create banquet post [Luis]
  • Look into photo subject rules for events [Jason]
  • Look into wordpress photo license [Stan]
  • ISOW notice should be brought to April meeting [Dave/Carmen]
  • Need food options for ISOW [Sam]
  • ISOW Website needs updating [Jason will contact Dave/Carmen] 

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