webmasterThe busy month of February has come and gone. I was unable to attend the Banquet this year but I look forward to hearing from those who did. Perhaps I can even get some of you to post a report? I made a few changes to the site and have an exciting new initiative to announce. At least I hope you think it’s as exciting as I do. First here are the changes to the site.

  • The site software was finally updated. We are now at the latest version of WordPress.
  • I altered the page template a bit as per Luis’ suggestion at the February meeting. WordPress pages used to list the creation date at the top. I altered that so that it now displays the last edited date instead. That means, if you look at a page and it has been altered, you’ll the the date that change was made.

Now for my announcement. I took an action item from the February meeting to form a web site subcommittee. I have done so. You can read the announcement. I’ve had a few people volunteer already and of course I want more. Please let people in your organizations know. I think this can be a good way to get new people involved in PSEC and I don’t anticipate that it will take an unreasonable amount of time to participate. Maybe you know someone who is interested in web design or just someone who likes computers. If so, please spread the word!