Events Documentation

Last Modified: April 27, 2015
by Dave

The PSEC runs on the strength of volunteers. All the events that we put on each year are planned, organized and administrated by dedicated people who understand the importance of the engineering profession and.

It is generally not possible or expected that the same people will be available to organize a given event each year, so it is important that there be a place for them to document the essential knowledge that future volunteers will find helpful.

If you are one of our volunteers, please make use of this page to upload information about your event. You may organize the material however you want (a single page, multiple pages) but you should strive to record the general information that your replacement will need when they take over the reigns after you are finished. All you need to do is create a Post on the site and check off the “Admin” category along with the category appropriate to the event you are documenting. When you publish the post, it will automatically appear on this page.

Posting Instructions

  • Selecting Your Category
    There are a couple of things you need to remember to make sure that your posts will appear on the website in the proper place and are easy for people to find. Probably the most important is that you need to select a category. Take a look at the image on the right. You can click ...

Awards Banquet


    • 5 Feb 2024 Brd Mtn Min
      5 Feb 2024 PSEC Webex Started at 6:00 pm Attendees Luis Leon ASMISam Gheesling ASMEAndrew Gall ...