1 Apr 2024

PSEC Webex

Started at 6:00 pm

Luis Leon ASMI
Kathi Shoemake ASHRE
Sam Gheesling ASME
Andrew Gall SME
Paul Grant ASCE
John Schaufellberger WSPE
George Bondor SAE
Dave Butcher IEEE
Mike Visser SEAW
Tiffany Tang SWE

Approval of March Meeting Minutes
Minutes approved, John 1st, Tiffany 2nd

Around the Room
AIAA: April 20th Technical Symposium: New Frontiers in Air and Space
ASMI:  (American Society of Materials International)  Luis, 6 May Blue Origin tour. May combine withSAMPE
SAMPE: Tiffany, 25 Apr student night, getting prepped for conference
WSPE:  John, no scheduled meetings. Focusing on Awards Banquet
ASME: Sam, Nucor 5 April (10am-12pm) , Boeing 3D printing to be rescheduled (12 people)
ASCE:  Paul, will email upcoming meetings
ASHRAE: Kathi, New convention center presentation, 17 Apr 12:00 pm @ Renaissance hotel
SME: Andrew, no update
SAE: George, April board meeting next Tuesday, Saturday May 11th Georgetown Steam plant tour.
INCOSE: Paul van Tulder, no update
IEEE: Dave, Business meeting April 9th, technical topic not scheduled
IISE: Kaz, no update
SWE: Tiffany, will be at the Edmonds Expanding your horizons conference 3/27, have 250 high school workshop, lunar landing mission!  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2024-puget-sound-materials-expo-tickets-810376537037?aff=ebdssbdestsearch, 3/26 Arrowhead Elementary talk, stem night, done, SWE evening with industry, mentoring at WSU Everett 5 pm to 8 pm, April 16th, also looking for recruiting and hiring, SWE doing a T-Mobile Park Tour, Sunday April 21st at 10:30 am
SEAW: Mike, Meeting 4/23 5:30 virtual joint meeting with ASCE.

reps@pseconline.org is our distribution list

Treasurers Report
Dave. More or less full dues have been paid. Kathi to investigate ASHRAE dues. Boeing and Kenworth have fulfilled their 2023 Banquet sponsorship commitment. Sam will investigate possible Boeing 2024 Banquet sponsorship

Engineering Fair
16 Mar 2024, 2024
Fun event, liked the open concept, next year better outreach to K-12 as a goal

Engineering Banquet
Firm date May 4th
  sign up
* Live and ready to go. John sent out note to the award winners
Luis and Andrew can help sign folks up.
*  Luis is reaching out to PSEC reps to encourage societies to purchase tables
*    Raised Price $100 single, $120 Late, $900 table, $1200 table late (late is after April 21st)
*  Advertising, selling tables et cetera
*   Andrew to do name tags (include table number, Award Winner, past winners, organization  ), We have a volunteer for photos
*   John to make meal tickets, need to have head count done April 2X
        Plaques are ordered, Biographical, +6 and 1 from last night
*    Dave will upload the Bios onto the website,
*    Dave to put together the program, John to print out,
*     Andrew to post banquet on linkedIn,
*     Have official menus, only a $5 increase, we will go with the same food options as last year (McCormick and Schmicks)
*      Sam Received contract from museum of flight, all set
*  Need to update description on Website……..Sam, done
*  Speaker,  MSE Jihui Yang, Vice Dean at UW, thermal energy storage, meal choice and his guest
*       Better signage to indicate our event, talk about at 18th meeting Sam confirmed with MSOF
*      Andrew to bring both banners
*  Announcements early April start advertising event need to do this now
*         Need to work on Sponsorship

Mentor nights
Seattle Central Colleges Networking Stem – Luis, Last Thursday in January, 1/25, great turn out of students and mentors, well done!  Successful, 19 mentors, 125-130 students.
Highline College – Luis, February 8th, 5:30, Melissa Cramer, 40 students showed up,  10 mentors showed up
UW Seattle – Gail Cornelius,  Director of Career Services, Re-energize: Freshmen Mentor Night 2/22 4:30-6:30 UW Hub, Had about 12 mentors, 50 mentees.  Kaz, Tiffany and Andrew in attendance.   
UW Bothell – Andrew,  Wednesday, April 3rd, at 6 pm, Forrest Zhang from IEEE is planning, ASME group is not active.
Need to send us parking passes and instructions
 Please sign-up today using the link in the included email !  Feel free to forward this note to others!

Neno Novakovic Systems Engineering
Alon Newton Radio Frequency
Tiffany Tang Materials Science and Engineering
Sam Gheesling Manufacturing Engineer
Olivia Killingsworth Electrical engineer (biomed)
Andrew Gall Manufacturing
Kelsey Stemm Software Engineering
Luis Leon Metallurgical Engineering
Richard Cross Sr. Program Manager

Green River – Luis, moving to May 6th or 17th
North Seattle C College – Andrew, April 18th, Kyan West from North Engineering Club, 6pm at the Grove

Shoreline   – Andrew, reached out need new contact
Edmonds -Tiffany, sent out follow-up email
Tacoma Community College – Luis/Kaz, they are going to join at Highline , missed it, Andean Farella (sp)
WSU – Everett –  Tiffany, made contact, sent info, we can set up a meeting if necessary. Dave also has a contact. Tiffanies contacts (Camille Orego (Camille.orego@wsu.edu, Matt McGinn (matthew.r.mcginn@wsu.edu)

in June, add to April discussion – don’t do it on graduation weekend
John reserved the same location, date is Saturday June 1st.
Andrew to send out agenda, will firm up at May meeting

We need volunteers on our board

This year’s PSEC Officers slate is:
Past President: Kathy Shoemake
President:  Andrew Gall
Treasurer: David Butcher
Secretary:  George Bondor

Still looking for
President Elect
Need a webmaster
Need Engineering Fair chair
K-12 Activities Chair

Meeting ended at 7:09 pm

Next meeting 6 May 2024. Will be virtual.