Scott Kasper

BCRA Design

Scott Kasper, BCRA Design, has been selected as the recipient of the 2024 Kenneth W. Porter Award in recognition of his many contributions to the education of K-12 students, his service as K-12 Chair for the American Society of Civil Engineers Younger Member Forum; his leadership of Washington Alliance for Better Schools After School STEM events, his leadership of STEM Exploration Nights for elementary schools, his participation in the Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition, and his commitment to developing interest in engineering among K-12 students.  

As the K-12 Chair for the American Scoiety of Civil Engineers Younger Member Forum, he led the organization efforts to engage with K-12 students. This included the Washington Alliance for Better Schools After School STEM Academy program for third to fifth grade students. This involved multiple sessions across five weeks to expose students to the basics of circuitry and electricity. He coordinated and participated in the Federal Way Public Schools and Arrowhead Elementary STEM Exploration Nights where students were engaged in environmental and water resources engineering activities. He served as the emcee and a volunteer for the 2023 Popsicle Stick Bridge competition designed for high school students to develop their STEM-related technical skills as well as soft skills.

He served as a judge for the 2023 and 2024 Washington (Seattle) Region Future City Competition for sixth to eighth grade students to develop their teamwork, problem-solving, research, and technical skills. Dedicated to outreach to K-12 students, he is passionate about inspiring future engineers.