Ronald S. Carson, Ph. D., ESEP®

Certification Training International

Ronald S. Carson, Ph. D., ESEP®,Certification Training International, has been selected as the recipient of the 2024 Industry Engineer-of-the-Year Award in recognition of his many contributions to systems engineering and technical leadership in the aerospace industry.

He is a distinguished professional with a remarkable background in systems engineering. He is the author of numerous Boeing engineering design standards regarding requirements analysis. These enterprise-wide business process guides/instructions are widely used across the company’s business units and in training courses on requirements analysis and architecture processes. As a Technical Fellow, he was responsible for model-based systems engineering process development, deployment, improvement, training, and assessment for Puget Sound and enterprise-wide activities.

He joined the Boeing Company in 1987 to work on the Peacekeeper Rail Garrison program and led the development of design requirements, preliminary design, design analysis, test requirements, test conduct, test data analyses, and test reporting for all electromagnetic pulse developmental and system-level tests. He later worked on multiple Boeing programs for which he was responsible for functional analysis and development of system architecture requirements.

Upon retirement from Boeing in 2015, he became an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the University of Washington where he taught graduate courses. He also became an Adjunct Professor at Seattle Pacific University. In 2022, he joined Certification Training International as a course facilitator, providing international training to prepare individuals to pass the INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Certification Examination.