6 Nov 2023

PSEC hybrid MS Teams and at Razzis

Started at 6:10 pm



Kazuo Takeda. IISE

Dave Butcher IEEE

John Schaufelberger WSPE

Mike Visser SEAW

Paul Grant ASCE

Lauren Lundquist. INCOSE

Tiffany Tang SWE

George Bondor SAE

At Razzis

Andrew Gall SME

Sam Gheesling ASME

Luis Leon SM

Approval of March  Meeting Minutes

John 1st, Tiffany 2nd  minutes approved

Around the Room

SAE   George  next section mtg about dimensional tolerancing  date TBD

IISE   Kaz next meeting 1 Dec tour of box maker in Kent. 15 Nov mentor night at UW

IEEE   Dave 13 Nov mtg Automotive Safety Std when using AI

SWE   Tiffany 14 Nov tour of Schilling Cider, 3 Dec tour of Climate Pledge Arena, 18 Dec Holiday Banquet

WSPE   John Tour of Seattle Aquarium TBD

ASCE   Paul No board mtg in Nov, 14 Dec holiday party

SEAW   Mike next mtg is Transmission Tower Structures at Elysian Brewing 1 Dec

INCOSE  Lauren 18 Nov workshop Model Based Systems Engineering conducted by Casey Medina

SME     No meeting planned

ASM     14 Dec friction welding

ASME     21 Nov tour Boeing 3D printing lab

Presidents Report

The group at Razzis were not able to connect to the virtual meeting. For that they apologize. They were not sure if the difficulty was the computer or Razzis infrastructure. Will try again at the Dec meeting. We may want to look at a different location with better internet and video capability, similar to IEEE at SU.

Treasurers Report

No changes in account balance

Still looking for Boeing and Kenworth banquet commitments

Society dues announcement coming shortly

Let Dave know if you have any website issues

Engineering 2024 Banquet

Penciled in for 4 May 2024  at MOF

Does anyone oppose finalizing date? Should get this done before Thanksgiving.  Please contact Andrew or Sam with opposition concerns.

John has sent out the awards nomination package

Engineering 2024 Fair

16 Mar 2024 at MOF concurrent with ASCE popsicle bridge contest

Looking for a volunteer to shadow Andrew and take on Fair organization

Mentor nights

Tiffany, may have a contact for Edmonds College

Kaz, may have a contact for Tacoma Community College

Andrew, UW Bothell, IEEE is lead this year at Bothell, planning underway

Andrew, (13 Oct ) participated on a mentor panel with SU ASME group, 4 mentors 25 students 

Luis, Seattle Central Community College  25 Jan 2924

Luis, Highline Community College 8 Feb 2024


We need new blood on our board

Still looking for 

President Elect

Need a webmaster

Need Engineering Fair Chair

Need a K-12 Activities Chair

Next meeting 4 Dec  2023

Meeting ended 6:32 pm