2 Oct 2023

PSEC hybrid Webex and at Razzis

Started at 6:01 pm

Sam Gheesling ASME
Andrew Gall SME
John Schaufellberger WSPE
George Bondor SAE
Lauren Lundquist INCOSE
Kelsi Bonner SWE

Approval of Sep Meeting Minutes
Minutes approved, John 1st, 2nd approved

Around the Room
AIAA:   need update, Space Suit Design10/19 Raisbeck HS, Dr. Shane Jacobs
ASM: Luis Leon, goal of 3-4 meetings this year, January meeting friction welding
SAMPE: Tiffany Tang, need update
WSPE:  John Schaufelberger,  10/17 Eastside Sound Transit, November on expansion of aquarium.
ASME: Sam Gheesling, no plans, working on their fall schedule, a couple of tours in November
ASCE:  Paul Grant, meeting planning in progress
ASHRAE: Kathi Shoemake, 10/18 Next Chapter Meeting
SME: Andrew Gall, Next meeting 10/31
SAE: George Bondor,  October 20 meeting will be KW, Mike Russel/Alec Cervenka, Low/Zero Emissions Kenworth trucks, noon virtual meeting, trying to schedule a November tour of the Sound Transit east side maint facility.
INCOSE: Lauren Lundquist, Next Workshop Organizational Readiness Levels, 10/13 8:00 am  https://www.incose.org/events-and-news/search-events/2023/10/13/default-calendar/incose-hsi-workshop-2023—seattle-wa-usa, Upcoming seminar in November as well
IEEE: Dave Bucher
IISE: John Szalai,  nothing on calendar
SWE: Kelsi Bonner, board meeting on 10/10, Outreach in November, Cider tour.
SEAW: Kyle Johnson

Treasurers Report
Boeing and Kenworth Banquet Sponsor commitments still due
Society dues announcement to sent out soon
Let Dave know if you have any website issues

Engineering 2024 Banquet
Sam has us penciled in for 4 May 2024 with MOF

Engineering 2024 Fair
16 Mar 2024 concurrent with ASCE popsicle stick bridge competition
Looking for a volunteer to shadow Andrew and take on Fair organization

Mentor nights
Seattle Colleges Networking STEM – Luis
Highline College – Luis
Green River – Luis
Seattle U doing their own thing. Here is their sign up form if you are interested
UW Bothel – Andrew
North Seattle C College – Andrew
Shoreline College – Andrew
Bellevue College – Andrew
WWU – SAMPE may have a Professor contact, Tiffany?
St Martins – would probably be virtual,

We have a combined list of notes taken at the workshop. They include many innovated ideas that local professional societies use to generate interest and insure successful organizations

We need new blood on our board

This year’s PSEC Officers slate is:
Past President: Kathy Shoemake
President:  Andrew Gall
Treasurer: David Butcher
Secretary:  George Bondor

Still looking for
President Elect
Need a webmaster
Need Engineering Fair chair
K-12 Activities Chair

Meeting ended at 6:33 pm

Next meeting 6 Nov 2024