5 Jun 2023

PSEC hybrid MS Teams and at Razzis

Started at 6:02 pm

Sam Gheesling ASME
Andrew Gall SME
George Bondor SAE
Dave Butcher IEEE
John Schaufelberger WSPE
John Szalai IISE

Approval of May Meeting Minutes
Minutes approved

Around the Room
ASME Sam,upcoming Board meeting
WSPE John no Jun meeting, Jul meeting is planning meeting
SME Andrew, No update
SAE George No Jun meeting. George assumes Section chairman
INCOSE Ray Western Region Conf in September in Pasco WWW.incose.org/SMC
IEEE Dave chapter meeting is 13 Jun at Seattle U
IISE John Kenworth tour on 16 Jun

Treasurers Report
In red for year. Can be rectified if Boeing and PACCAR fulfill commitment for Banquet
Let Dave know if you have any website issues
Need dues from INCOSE, SAME, SAMPE, SME, SWE

Engineering 2023 Banquet
Need to add 4 May 2024 date to calendar
John has a schedule for award nominations

Engineering 2023 Fair
Could be a leadership opportunity for someone to shadow and work to plan for future

Mentor nights
Done for the year

Inter Society Officer’s Workshop Council:
SWE, INCOSE, SEAW, SME, SAMPE, ASME, IEEE, ASHREA, SAMPE, SAE (some usual suspects) 14 people attended
Key ideas, members want more technical meeting virtual during the day
Networking should be true social meetings, bowling, brewery tours?
Utilize other than email means for contacting people, LinkedIn, Facebook Instagram, however we need some younger engineers to help support.
Work to synchronize Calendars
Have a year planning meeting in October 2nd for sharing of meetings

We need new blood on our board

This year’s PSEC Officers slate is:
Past President: Kathy Shoemake
President:  Andrew Gall
Treasurer: David Butcher
Secretary:  George Bondor

Still looking for
President Elect
Need a webmaster
Need Engineering Fair chair
K-12 Activities Chair

Next meeting

11 Sep 2023

Meeting ended 6:55 pm