1 May 2023

PSEC hybrid MS Teams and at Razzis

Started at 6:02 pm


Sam Gheesling ASME
Andrew Gall SME
Luis Leon ASMI
Kathi Shoemake ASHRE
Mike Visser SEAW
George Bondor SAE
Dave Butcher IEEE
John Schaufelberger WSPE
Austin McAnelly IISE

Approval of March Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved

Around the Room

ASM Luis Dr Parda, Zapp Energy small scale nuclear fusion 9 May at Ivars
ASME Sam,Tour at KWRenton canceled. Meeting with INCOSE Jessica Rose Deputy Director of Utilities & Resources at Sound Transit
WSPE John 16 May Bio Imaging for Cancer detection
ASHRAE Kathi ASPEE joint meeting 10 May, 2 Jun golf day
SME Andrew, early May meeting on 3D printing
SEAW Mike No May meeting yet 14 Sep conference in Bellevue
SAE George No MAY meeting. Attending ISOW to glean ideas on generating more member interest
INCOSE Ray Jessica Rose Deputy Director of Utilities & Resources at Sound Transit
IEEE Dave 9 May meeting at Seattle U technical mtg followed by Board mtg
IISE Austin working on dues and promoting ISOW

Treasurers Report

Both banquet sponsors (Boeing and Kenworth) still need to pay
ASME and IISE paid dues

Engineering 2023 Banquet

Discussed, proposed and approved 4 May 2024 for next years banquet
Sam will get this penciled in on the Museum of Flights calendar

Engineering 2023 Fair

Contacted Tusli Chudgar (tulsi.chudgar@dksassociates.com) he is working on popsicle bridge competition date

Mentor nights

Both Green River and Highline College events went well

Inter Society Officer’s Workshop Council:
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/inter-society-officers-workshop-2023-tickets-619412177497?utm-campaign=social%2Cemail&utm-content=attendeeshare&utm-medium=discovery&utm-source=strongmail&utm-term=checkoutwidgetStart with presentation on PSEC then break out, overview and 10:00 to 2:30

Saturday in June (3rd)
Work shops ideas
Start with presentation on PSEC then break out, overview and 10:30 to 2:30
Each session will require a facilitator and note taker

1. Membership, recruiting young members
*How do we ensure continuation of student members into senior chapters?
*How do we engage young members as leaders
*How do we define value of volunteering
2. How do we combine and improve communications between groups
*Zoom and Post Covid Meetings
*How we get better engagement from other societies
*Combining meetings working together
3. How do we onboard the next generation of leaders, sustaining, codifying
*Where do you store it, and how do you hand off the information
*Historical information storages, processes
*Organization charts, process documents, drop box
Curently 8 people have signed up


We need new blood on our board

Still looking for
President Elect
Need a webmaster
Need Engineering Fair chair

Next meeting 5 Jun 2023

Meeting ended 6:44 pm

Last meeting of the year is 5 Jun