6 Mar 2023

PSEC hybrid MS Teams and at Razzis

Started at 6:01 pm


Sam Gheesling ASME
Andrew Gall SME
Luis Leon ASMI
Ray Willaford INCOSE
Kathi Shoemake ASHRE
Mike Visser SEAW

Approval of February Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved

Around the Room

ASM Luis Feb General Mtg Dr Jim Cotton tonal woods for acoustic guitars 41 attendees, meeting recorded by SAMPE
ASME Sam, 21 Mar meeting at Razzis
ASHRAE Kathi meeting 16 Mar guest speakers at downtown Renaissance Hotel
SME Andrew, No update
INCOSE Ray 7 Mar virtual mtg Systems Engineering and law
SEAW Mike 7 Mar mtg PE structural moving to computer based

Treasurers Report

Full dues in effect this year
Continue to solicit sponsors for banquet

Engineering 2023 Banquet

Actually nice event
36 attendees
Next year maybe not Presidents Day weekend, possibly two weeks later
Thanks for everyones help
Nominations a little later next year, more time for response, after Thanksgiving but before Christmas
Award winners not in person did affect numbers
Need a dry run of the awards especially when we have online awardees

Engineering 2023 Fair

11 Mar at Museum of Flight. 7 paying entities, 5 nonpaying schools, SPU motorsports, Swerve Robotics, 4H Robotics, PSEC, SEAW, ASHRAE, IISE, AIEEE, SAE, ASME, WSPE, UW Satellite

Mentor nights

UW Bothel on 1 Mar had 17 mentors and 45 students


June tentative date 3 Jun
John to help with reservation at UW Magnuson Park
Andrew to work with Kathi
Membership, recruiting young members
How to combine and improve communications between groups
How to evolve post Covid
How to get better engagement from other societies
Should SPEEA be allowed to participate in PSEC, does it violate by-laws? Can we consider them as an observer like engineers without borders, can we utilize them as a communication conduit to PSEC/members SPEEA represents?


Still looking for a President Elect
Need a webmaster
Need Engineering Fair chair to shadow Beth

Next meeting 3 Apr 2023

Meeting ended 6:56 pm