5 Dec  2022

PSEC hybrid MS Teams and at Razzis

Started at 6:00 pm


Sam Gheesling ASME

Andrew Gall SME

Paul Grant ASCE

George Bondor SAE

Dave Butcher IEEE

John Schaufelberger  WSPE

Kathi Shoemake         ASHRE

Mike Visser                 SEAW

Approval of November  Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved

Around the Room

ASM      30 Nov UW student chapter helped with resume writing, 

              21 Feb 2023 Dr Jim Cotton on Sustainable Tonewoods for acoustic Guitars

WSPE    John, 13 Dec Ballard combined sewer outflow,,, Mudhoney

ASME    Sam, Kalen Guiley (government relations) postponed to 11 Jan

ASCE    Paul, 14 Dec  396 bridge in Miami  300 ft post tension concrete

SME      Andrew, Board voted to secede from PSEC

SAE       George, West Seattle Bridge mtg postponed to Jan 2023

IIEEE      Dave, 20 Dec Space X  satellite project

SEAW,   Mike Visser, Virtual meeting 30 Nov Strides in Building sustainability

Treasurers Report

Full dues in effect this year

2 societies have sent in dues so far

Need corporate sponsor for Banquet

Engineering 2023 Banquet

Reserved for 18 Feb 2023 (President’s weekend) 

John reported six award recipients selected. Need 5 boutonnieres and 1 corsage

Next year; week after Thanksgiving better for submissions deadline

Kenworth 100th year aniversary. Andrew has speaker commitment from Zach Slaton

Charge for Banquet TBD. Will be discussed via email and finalized at January meeting

Engineering 2023 Fair

11 Mar at Museum of Flight. Beth has reserved the space

Andrew agreed to shadow  Beth

Need a flyer and booth reservation info

Mentor nights

Seattle Central met  November 17th. 45 attendees. was 125 last time

SU reached out. No commitment yet

SPU doing their own thing

Green River 18 or 19 January

Highline College Spring 2023

North Seattle College contacted

UW Bothel wants earyl March

Shoreline contacted

Bellevue College prefers daytime meeting

WWU and St Martins  no contacts


Still looking for a President Elect

Need a webmaster

Need Engineering Fair chair to shadow Beth

Next meeting 9 Jan 2023

Meeting ended 6:52 pm