7 Mar 2022

PSEC Hybrid Virtual via MS Teams and in person at Razzis

Started at 6:02 pm


Luis Leon ASMI

Kathi Shoemake ASHRE

Sam Gheesling ASME

Andrew Gall SME

Paul Grant ASCE

George Bondor SAE

Ray Willaford INCOSE

Charles Beard AIAA

Mike Vesser SEAW

Approval of February  Meeting Minutes 

Minutes Motion approved. 1st Luis Leon, 2nd Sam Gheesling

Around the room

AIAA:     Charles Beard,  trying to restart activities

ASMI:    Luis Leon , working on student night with UW Bothel late March or in April 

ASME:   Sam Gheesling , Kenworth presentation late March at Razzis

ASCE:   Paul Grant, Outstanding Civil Engineer award banquet 9 Mar

ASHRE: Kathi Shoemake, 9 Mar virtual meeting Energy Code question/answers Duane Johnson City of Seattle

SME:      Andrew Gall, no update

SAE:      George Bondor, no meeting scheduled yet in April or May

INCOSE: Ray Willaford,12 Mar Scientific Engineering Methods

SEAW:    Mike Visser, no update

Treasurers report

David Butcher, One more society (SWE) has sent in dues

Engineering Fair


Engineering Banquet

14 May now our firm date. Brent Sherwood of Blue Origin is still our speaker. Ray sent  brief bio to Luis. $75 early bird ($700/table), otherwise $100 ($1000/table). 10 per table seating. Luis to send official notice for registration later this month. Sam will update website for banquet info.

Mentor nights 

Highline College in Des Moines – 14 Apr planning for in person, mentor sign up is 

coming. Luis will follow up to confirm

Luis will contact Green River about possible April or May

Inter Society Workshop

Possible in May or June. Kathi, Andrew and Dave are potential facilitators. We will firm 

up plans with go or no-go at our April meeting

Next meeting: 

4 Apr 2022

Meeting adjourned at 6:34 pm