1 Nov 2021

PSEC Hybrid
Razzis and MS Teams

Started at 6:01 pm

Andrew Gall SME
Ray Willaford INCOSE
John Schaulfelberger WSPE Seattle
Luis Leon ASM
Sam Gheesling ASME
Charle Beard AIAA
Dave Butcher IEEE
George Bondor SAE

Approval of October Meeting Minutes
Minutes approved with one spelling correction (Magnolia Bridge)

Around the room
AIAA:  Charles Beard, 6 Nov will have the 15th annual Tech Symposium, 20 Nov will have retirees meeting at Museum of Flight
ASMI:  Luis Leon , 7 Oct meeting was well attended, no activities this month
WSPE:  John Schaufelberger, 16 Nov joint meeting with ASHRAE topic is Building de-Carbonization
ASCE:  Paul Grant , no update
SME: Andrew Gall , looking for new person to run CMFTG
SAE – George Bondor, 16 Nov virtual mtg Andrea Pratt (Seattle Mayors office) will discuss Seattle’s Clean Transportation Electrification Blueprint
INCOSE – Ray Willaford, 17 Nov Alex Jackson to discuss Models of Models Methodoloyy, working capstone project at SPU,SU,and UW for systems engineering, local chapter hoping for a Silver Regional Award
ASME: Sam Gheesling, Boeing Automation specialist
IEEE: Dave Butcher, 9 Nov Tips and Tricks for leading people

Treasurers report
Dave reported the current treasury balance. $600 Banquet deposit check sent (has not cleared)
$3.03 added to checking balance due to closing of Savings account
Dave presented wording of letter describing one time 50% dues reduction (group approved)

Engineering Fair
no update

Engineering Banquet
Booked Museum of Flight for 19 Feb 2022. Check in the mail. Contract signed. Next steps to Check with McCormick and Schmicks. All societies need to nominate people, per letter , sent October 19th and on website. Ideas for speakers send to Sam – Ray is helping to acquire a speaker. Leaning towards Blue Origin (only CEO is speaking and he is hard to contact). Looking at a former Space Shuttle Astronaut (Lipson Holder). Erik Williams Senior Vice President,Terra Power. Ron Carson, Associate Professor at SPU (Systems Engineering)

Mentor nights
Andrew reported that SPU and SU are doing their own thing. North Seattle and Bothel are looking at dates and format (in person or virtual). WWU is a long shot.
Luis working with Seattle Central, Greenriver and Highline

2021-2022 Officer slate
Past President Kathi Shoemake
President Andrew Gall
Treasurer David Butcher
Secretary George Bondor
Still looking for a President Elect

Next meeting 6 Dec 2021

Meeting ended at 6:45