4 Oct 2021

PSEC Hybrid
Razzis and internet

6:00 pm Start

Andrew Gall SME
Kathi Schoemake ASHRAE
John Schaulfeberger WSPE Seattle
Luis Leon ASM
Sam Gheesling ASME
Charle Beard AIAA
Dave Butcher IEEE
Tommy Willaford “Ray” INCOSE
Paul Grant ASCE
George Bondor SAE

Sep 2021 Meeting notes


Around the room
AIAA:  Charles Beard, solicitation for  papers, open tech symposium, virtual
ASMI:  Luis Leon , having a networking event for UW and UWB students, resume review et cetra, free food, Oct 7th
WSPE:  John Schaufelberger, October 19th update on West Seattle and Magnolia Bridge Virtual.
ASCE:  Paul Grant virtual meeting on October 13th arsenic contamiation in food steam.
ASHRAE: Kathi Shoemake – No Update
SME: Andrew Gall – No Update
SAE – George Bondor, send a survey to solicit new board  members, board meeting 10/5
INCOSE – Ray, completed a regional conference 4th annual, was in San Diego, 10/13 virtual chapter meeting, systems thinking in a virtual world, student award between SU and SPU, competition kicks off this fall.
ASME: Sam Gheesling, 11/9 Virtual meetings zoom only through this year, Automation specialist from Boeing

Treasurer’s report
Dave reported no balance change from last month
Dues notices will be sent out next month including a letter that highlights the one time reduction in membership dues to 1/2 the normal yearly amount due to the reduction in PSEC’s 2020-2021 activities thanks to COVID19 pandemic
Motion to approve this year’s budget Johh Schaufelber 1st Kathi Shoemake 2nd

Engineering Fair
12 Feb 2022 date agreed to by those in attendance

Engineering Banquet
19 Feb 2022 date approved
Sam will contact Museum of Flight to start booking process. Approved Kathi Shoemake 1st Luis Leon 2nd
Seating spacing will be more airy
Speaker search is a priority. Send ideas to Sam Gheesling
Awards nomination requests to be sent out and need action

Mentor nights
Andrew will begin contacting SPU, SU, North Seattle College, and UW Bothel
Luis working with Seattle Central, Greenriver and Highline

Kathi recommended cancelling 2021 ISOW meeting. Those in attendance agreed
Will start planning for June 2022

2021-2022 Officer slate
Past President Kathi Shoemake
President Andrew Gall
Treasurer David Butcher
Secretary George Bondor

Motion to approve slate approved John Schaufelber 1st Kathis Shoemake 2nd

Next meeting 1 Nov 2021

6:47 End