13 Sep 2021

PSEC via Hybrid (Partial attendence at Razzi’s and partial over the phone attendees)

Charles Beard AIAA
George Bondor SAE
Andrew Gall SME
Sam Gheesling ASME
Paul Grant ASCE
Luis Leon ASM
John Schaufelberger WSPE Seattle
Kathi Shoemake ASHRAE

Call to Order
Andrew called meeting to order at 6:01

Approval of Minutes
Approved minutes of June 2021 meeting. Confirmed we had voted to reduce 2021-2022 dues by 50% this year only.

Treasurers Report
Dave’s report approved with the following caveat: Dave can you notify our member groups that the dues reduction is a one year exception due to Covid

Around the Horn
Each attendee reported on the status of their respective Society activities. Most are just starting and are planning to continue virtual meetings.

Engineering Fair
Kathi reported that Beth Mende is planning for a 12 Febf 2022 event at the Museum of Flight

Engineering Banquet
Sam reported planning to secure 19 Feb 2022 date at the Museum of Flight. PSEC needs to emphasize to our societies a commitment for award submissions.

Andrew to let PSEC reps know that we are planning to have the Engineering Fair and Banquet in 2022 stressing that we will be moving forward with awards even if we are unable to have a live meeitng due to Covid restrictions

Mentor Nights
Luis emphasized now is the time to reach out to the colleges
Green River Luis
UW Bothel Andrew
SPU Paul likely using their own alumni
SU Andrew likely using their own alumni
Everett Harry
Seattle Central Luis may again combine with North Seattle virtual meeting

Kathi to work on a 23 Oct 2021 virtual event

This year’s Board
Elected virtually
Andrew Gall President
Dave Butcher Treasurer
George Bondor Secretary

Next meeting
4 Oct 2021 Hybrid

Adjourned at 6:45