7 Jun 2021

PSEC via Google Meet

George Bondor SAE
Dave Butcher IEEE
Andrew Gall SME
Sam Gheesling ASME
Paul Grant ASCE
Luis Leon ASM
John Schaufelberger WSPE Seattle
Kathi Showmake ASHRAE

Call to Order
Kathi called meeting to order at 6:06 pm


Approval of Minutes
Approved May meeting minutes

Around the Room
Each attendee reported on the status of their respective Society activities

Treasurers Report
Dave reported a checking account balance of $17506.26
No changes from May

No action

Engineering Fair
Postponed to 2022

Engineering Banquet
Postponed to 2022

Mentor Nights
Mentor nights are complete. Next activity will be in the Fall of 2021

Postponed until Fall of 2021
Discussed potential dates of 11 Sep, 2 Oct or 23 Oct
Agreed that 2 Oct . Will consider a hybrid format of both in person and “Zoom”
Kathi agreed to coordiate

Election of New Board
Postponed until Sep 2021 meeting
May do a digital election in August

at 6:36 pm