3 May 2021

PSEC via Google Meet

George Bondor SAE

Dave Butcher IEEE

Andrew Gall SME

Sam Gheesling ASME

Luis Leon ASM

Regina Long IIS

John Schaufelberger WSPE Seattle

Kathi Shoemake ASHRAE

Call to Order
Called to order by Kathi at 6:07 pm

Approval of Agenda

Approval of April Minutes
April meeting minutes approved

Around the Room
Each attendee gave the status of their society and/or plans for this month’s meetings

Treasurer Report
Dave reported our account balance at $17508
Dave presented an examination of our historical year end bank balances and recomended a 50% reduction in 2021-2022 dues for next year. After much discussion the 50% reduction in next years dues was approved

Website Updates
Dave agreed to continue as our website administrator. However he is still looking for a volunteer to assume the duties

Engineering Fair
Postponed until 2022

Postponed until 2022

Mentor Nights
The Seattle colleges mentor nights went well with many mentor volunteers. It even had some High School student attendees. Many thanks to all the mentors. Need to work on the transitions from one mentor to the next.

Intersociety Officers Workshop
Having an in person meeting does not appear to be doable at this time. It would have to be virtual. Discussed postponing this and having it in Sept or Oct of this year. Agreed that choosing a date with no Husky home football game would be critical

Action Item Review
Discussed next year’s Board
Andrew Gall agreed to be Pesident
Dave Butcher agreed to continue as Treasurer
George Bondor agreed to continue as Secretary

Adjourned at 6:53 pm