1 Mar 2021

PSEC via Google Meet


Charles Beard          AIAA

George Bondor         SAE

Dave Butcher            IEEE

Andrew Gall                SME

Sam Gheesling           ASME

Paul Grant ASCE

Luis Leon                   ASM

John Schaufelberger WSPE Seattle

Kathi ShoeMake ASHRAE

Call to Order 

Kathi called meeting to order at 6:03



Approval of Minutes

Approved February meeting minutes

Around the Room

Each attendee reported on the status of their respective Society activities

Treasurers Report

Dave reported a checking account balance of $17638.37

Andrew reported that SME has voted to not pay PSEC dues due to precarious chapter finances.


Mentor nights are being posted to the calendar

Engineering Fair

Kathi shared survey results of the virtual fair proposal. There was not much enthusiasm by our member societies. There will not be an Engineering Fair this year

Engineering Banquet

Postponed to 2022

Mentor Nights

UW Bothel virtual Mentor night is scheduled for 1 Apr 2021. They need mentors. See the PSEC calendar for details. The three Seattle colleges are tentativley scheduling a late afternoon viirtual mentor night (4:30-7:00) on 29 Apr 2021


We need to determine if there is any society interest in a workshop this year before we proceed with plans. Societies need to report back for our next meeting

Action Item

The board will discuss in detail considerations for 2021-2022 year dues reductions


at 6:39