1 Feb 2021

PSEC via Google Meet


Charles Beard          AIAA

George Bondor         SAE

Dave Butcher            IEEE

Matt Clegg                 SME

Gale Cornelius           SWE

Andrew Gall                SME

Sam Gheesling           ASME

Neal Jacques             WSPE  at large

Luis Leon                   ASM

John Schaufelberger WSPE Seattle

Call to Order 

Andrew called meeting to order at 6:09 pm in Kathi’s absence


In Kathi’s absence we followed the agenda of the January meeting

Approval of Minutes

Approved January meeting minutes

Around the Room

Each attendee reported on the status of their respective Society activities

Treasurers Report

Dave reported a checking account balance of $16974

Our state filing is complete and $10 fee has been paid

ASME formally requested a dues reduction due to PSEC’s event cancellations. 2 or 3 other societies have discussed this possibility. Attendees discussed this at length noting that PSEC does have other expenses other than major events. One proposal was to continue this year’s dues collection and reduce next years dues. ASME agreed to pay this years dues and wait for a final decision from PSEC. Attendees agreed to defer a final decision on this until the May or June meeting.

Engineering Fair

Will discuss when the vote tally on Beth and Carmen’s proposal is presented

Engineering Banquet

Postponed to 2022

Mentor Nights

UW Bothel is organizing one (virtual Zoom) on 25 Feb 2021. They need mentor volunteers.

The three Seattle Colleges (North, Central, South) are organizing a joint virtual mentor night in April.


Decision deferred to March or April meeting

Adjourned at 7:02 pm

at 7:02