2 Nov 2020

PSEC via WebEx


Charles Beard AIAA

George Bondor SAE

Dave Butcher IEEE

Andrew Gall SME

Sam Gheesling ASME

Paul Grant ASCE

Luis Leon ASM

Regina Long IISE

Beth Mende AWWA

John Schaufelberger WSPE Seattle

Kathi Shoemake ASHRAE

Call To Order

Kathi called meeting to order at 6:01pm

Approval of Agenda


Approval of October minutes

October meeting minutes approved

Around the Room

Each participant gave the status of their society and/or the plans for this month’s meeting

Treasurers Report

Dave reported that six societies have promptly paid this year’s dues. Our current bank balance is $14195


Dave reported that Sergio is on board and has already made some minor changes to our website

Engineering Fair

Beth reported that she and Carmen have had several discussions. They are working on a proposal that would involve each society coming up with an activity that could be sent out to participants. This would involve a video with instructions. Required details are still in discussion: age group, how to acquire names and addresses of participants etc. Beth will send a summary to Kathi

Engineering Banquet

Discussion and decision postponed to December meeting

Mentor Nights

Luis reported that Seattle Central is tentatively scheduled for 21 Apr 2021. They will host the ZOOM breakout sessions

Andrew reported that Seattle University has already conducted a Mentor night

Kathi has been contacted by Gibson Ek High School in the Issaquah School District. They are interested in some kind of College Career night activity


Discussion postponed to the January meeting

Next Meeting

7 Dec 2020

Meeting Adjournd at 6:51pm