5 Oct 2020

PSEC meeting via WebEx


Charles Beard AIAA

George BondorĀ  SAE

Dave Butcher IEEE

Camen Cejudo ASHRAE

Andrew Gaul SME

Sam Gheesling ASME

Paul Grant ASCE

Luis Leon ASM

Bethany Mende AWWA

John Schaufelberger WSPE Seattle

Kathi ShoeMake ASHRAE

Call to Order

Kathis called meeting to order at 6:04 pm

Approval of agenda


Approval of minutes

The September meeting minutes were approved with one exception; our September bank account balance  is actually $13300

Around the room

Each participant stated the status of their society in the current COVID-19 environment

Treasurers report

Dave reported our current account balance of $13600


Dave reported he has recruited a qualified volunteer, Sergio Moraes. The group approved his recommendation. Dave will proceed with bringing Sergio on board

Engineering Fair

Paul reported that the popsicle bridge competition is tentatively been scheduled for 6 Mar 2021 at the Museum of Flight. This is important to us if we want to schedule  a physical Engineering Fair concurrent with the competition.

Bethany had some thoughts for a virtual approach to our Engineering Fair. Each society would create a 10 minute video to be shown online in a virtual meeting. This might be presented concurrently with the virtual Washington State Science and Engineering  Fair (WSSEF) scheduled on 26-27 March 2021. Bethany will investigate this approach. Carmen volunteered to help Bethany with this approach.

Engineering Banquet

A decision will be made in our December meeting if we will reschedule for spring 2021 or fall 2021

Mentor Nights 

Luis had an interesting conversation with Seattle Central College. The contact there is enthusiastic about the mentor night using a ZOOM feature that provides breakout sessions. Luis will explore the capabilities of this feature.



New Officers

Kathi Shoemake President

Andrew Gall President understudy

Dave Butcher Treasurer

George Bondor Secretary

This slate was approved by the Board

Next Meeting 2 Nov 2020

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm