14 Sep 2020 PSEC Mtg Minutes

PSEC Mtg via WebEx


Kathi Shoemake ASHRAE

Dave Butcher IEEE

Charles Beard AIAA

Luis Leon ASM

Sam Gheesling ASME

Carmen Cejudo ASHRAE

John Schaufelberger WSPE Seattle

Paul Grant ASCE

Matt Clegg SME

George Bondor SAE

Call to Order

Kathi called meeting to Order at 6:05

Approval of Agenda

Approved with one addition “Covid 19 considerations” after Approval of Minutes

Approval of Minutes

Approved. George will attempt to get them out sooner

COVID19 Considerations

Lengthy discussion

PSEC meetings to continue on WebEx until state puts Seattle into phase 4 (possibly phase 3) 

Engineering Banquet and Engineering Fair postponed until fall of 2021 (earliest). Solicitations for awards and venue reservations initiated in spring of 2021. All contingent on how well COVD19 is controlled.

Mentor program on hold. Luis to contact schools for input. Early 2021 possible contingent on state upgrading of phases.

SME is planning virtual seminars for students graduating in June 2021

Around the room

Each attendee reported on how their societies are coping with COVID19. Most are diving into virtual activities including monthly member meetings

Treasurers Report

Dave reported we have received the benefits of Luis’ efforts to get employee volunteering reimbursement from Boeing. Bank account balance is approximately $1300.



Website update

Dave has not had much luck getting a volunteer to takeover webmaster duties. He will continue in that role until we have a volunteer

Engineering Fair

Paul Grant to contact ASCE student group to determine what their intentions are concerning scheduling of the popsicle stick bridge competition


Postponed until fall 2021 (earliest)

Mentor Nights

Postponed until state upgrades phases. Luis to contact schools to get their input

Intersociety Workshop

Postponed until state upgrades phases

Action Item Review

Luis to contact schools concerning Mentor nights

Paul to contact ASCE student group concerning intentions about scheduling popsicle stick bridge  competition

Kathi to contact Andrew Gall to determine if he still on for President of PSEC

Swearing in of 2020-2021 officers

Postponed to next month

Adjourned at 7:05