3 Feb 2020

PSEC meeting at Razzis

Attendance:Kathi Shoemake  ASHRAE

John Schaufelberger    WSPE Seattle

Paul Grant            ASCE Luis Leon ASM

Matt Clegg  SME Dave Butcher IEEE

Sam Ghessling         ASME George Bondor SAE

Andrew Gall          SME Tony Huan-Wong IEEE

Call to Order:

6:12 Kathi called meeting to order

Approval of Minutes:

Both December 2019 and January 2020 minutes were approved 

Around the Room:

Each participant stated their society affiliation and upcoming meeting status

Treasurers Report:

Additional societies have paid dues

The Banquet is paid for

Luis volunteered to pursue Boeing for future Banquet Sponsorship


Verified that following Mentor nights are on or will be added to calendar

19 Feb Shoreline Community College

27 Feb UW Bothel

5 Mar North Seattle College


Temporary offline today as the ISP transfers us to a different server

Engineering Fair:

Good to go.

Kathi will be at PSEC booth all day and Luis and Andrew will be part time 

Engineering Banquet:

Luis presented status of reservations, table purchases and seating

Dave Butcher said programs are ready to go to printer

John Schaufelberger has the award plaques ready

Sam Ghessling has the scripts ready

Discussed number of people per table seating

Mentor Nights:

Green River College 15 Jan went well with 85 students and 17 mentors

Seattle Cental College 30 Jan went well with 100 students and 15 mentors


No updates, still on for 6 Jun

Needs to be added to calendar

Next meeting on 2 Mar 2020