2 Mar 2020

PSEC meeting at Razzis


Kathi Shoemake  ASHRAE Sam Ghessling ASME

Andrew Gall          SME Regina Ong IISE

Luis Leon ASM George Bondor SAE

Butcher IEEE

Call to Order:

6:04  Kathi called meeting to order

Approval of Minutes:

February Minutes not yet posted on website 

Around the Room:

Each participant stated their society affiliation and upcoming meeting status

Treasurers Report:

Reviewed with no changes


Reviewed what is currently on the calendar and highlighted the ISOW event in June. Details are forthcoming


No comments

Engineering Fair:

Discussed a possible date change to 6 Mar 2021. The popsicle bridge competition which draws a large number of high schoolers is changing to that date. We as a group agreed it would be in our best interests to change the Engineering Fair date to 6 Mar 2021. Kathi suggested we create a list of technically related groups/activities aimed at High School and below students and actively promote the Fair to them.

Engineering Banquet:

62 meals served at this years banquet. After discussion agreed that 8 attendees per table is the best configuration. Next years banquet is tentatively scheduled on 13 Feb 2021

PSEC Awards

Agreed that PSEC needs to promote greater participation in nominating potential recipients

Mentor Nights:

Shoreline College:  on 19 Feb  6 mentors/20 students

UW Bothel: on 27 Feb  18 mentors/45 students

North Seattle College: upcoming on 5 Mar  possibly 13 mentors


Still evolving. More info to come soon

New Topics:

PSEC President plans to attend society Board Meetings to pitch PSEC

Action Item Review:

Shared Storage Unit with ASHRAE  also possibly with Engineers Without Borders. No decision

Boeing sponsorship of Banquet: With our recent IRS status in hand Luis will pursue Boeing

Group voted to expand our dropbox to 1-2 terabytes. This will cost $100 per year

Next meeting:

on 6 Apr 2020