Puget Sound Engineering Council Meeting Minutes



  • Charles Beard               AIAA
  • George Bondor             SAE
  • Dave Butcher                IEEE
  • Andrew Gall                  SME
  • Sam Gheesling              ASME
  • Luis Leon                      ASMI
  • John Schaufelberger      WSPE-SE
  • Kathi Shoemake            ASHRAE

Call to Order

Kathi called meeting to order 6:06 pm

Approval of Agenda

Agenda approved unanimously

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from last meeting were not available

Around the Room

Attendees stated their name, society represented and any upcoming societal activities

Treasurer Report

Dave Bucher presented our financial stats and a proposed budget for this coming year. The group discussed items that during last year had differences between budgeted and actual amounts. The only approved change was to up the Annual Banquet budget from $9000 to $10000.


The Seattle University Mentors Night was added to the Calendar on 14 Oct 2019

Website Update

Dave Butcher is actively recruiting a Webmaster. He has one individual who might be interested but is concerned about attending our monthly meetings. The group agreed that the webmaster does not need to attend every monthly PSEC meeting and could accomplish most if not all tasks from a remote location.

Mentor Nights

Luis Leon and Andrew Gall are currently handling Mentor Night details

Officer Election/Swearing In

This year’s board was sworn in

  • Kathi Shoemake            President 2019-2020
  • Andrew Gall                  President Elect
  • Dave Butcher                Treasurer
  • George Bondor             Secretary

Action Item Review

Kathi will attempt to pare the list down and organize it.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:01 pm