1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Agenda
    • Two items added, agenda is approved
  3. Approval of Minutes
    • Due to snow, last meeting was held virtually and no minutes were recorded
  4. Around the Room
    • Covered upcoming events
    • How do we all handle email distribution?
      • Mailchimp is a good tool to utilize
  5. Treasurer Report
    • Fair was cancelled – refunds
    • Missing money from Eventbrite, this is being looked in to
      • Do we get fees back from Eventbrite when we cancel?
    • All the money from the tables is taken care of
    • Everyone who had a booth was reimbursed
    • Were there any costs associated with cancelling the fair? Unclear.
    • Do we need an action for someone to report out at the next meeting what the consequences of cancelling the engineering fair was (refunds, details, etc.)
    • Dues: most organizations have paid
  6. Calendar
    1. PSEC Meetings – first Monday of every month
    2. Mentor Nights
      1. March 13th Shoreline
      2. April 10th Bothell
      3. Potentially more to come
    3. No date solidified for ISOW
      1. Looking at dates in June
  7. Website Updates
    1. Added engineers of the year award pages, contains photos and bios
    2. Announcement for the fair cancellation
    3. WordPress software is due for a major update, have been waiting until after the fair and banquet to initiate
      1. Shouldn’t notice any differences
    4. Stan has taken a new position similar to this one in a different organization and its taken a lot of his time so it is his intention to not come back as webmaster for PSEC in the future
      1. Louie: do you know any contacts that might be interested? Stan: No
      2. This should come up as a future agenda item
      3. Stan is happy to facilitate the transition
  8. Engineering Fair Report
    1. Beth is not here and the fair was cancelled
  9. Banquet Report
    1. 61st annual PSEC awards banquet was held in February. All 7 awards handed out that night. 58 people served. Speaker did a good job and stayed within the time limit. Event ended at 9:15, comfortably paced event. Photos are on the dropbox.
  10. Mentor Nights
    1. Upcoming events
      1. See Calendar
    2. Mentor Coordinator
      1. Issues with eventbrites for mentor nights and being able to capture the majors/specialties of mentors. Need to have a new template that we can put nicer pictures on the announcements.
      2. Also looking in to Seattle U and Highline – roughly may timeframe
      3. Justin is interested in taking on the Mentor Coordinator role
      4. 7-10 mentor nights a year, occurring September – June
        1. Different schools have different preferences for dates
        2. Some schools have not held a mentor night for several year, but we would like to restart (Seattle U, UW Bothell
      5. Everett Community College has a mentor night run by their collegiate SWE section
      6. Is there a history/file that documents the past mentor nights we’ve had?
        1. There is currently no file. We are hoping the mentor night coordinator can start taking charge of documentation
      7. The description that was provided sounded like it was more related to communicating with colleges, but what Louie is describing sounds more like managing eventbrites.
        1. The scope is too big for one person to manage, which is why other people become POCs for different schools. The coordinator would manage the volunteers.
      8. Historically, it’s been managed 1 person 1 event. Always end up with return mentors. Different contact lists for each school. Each school is looking for different things.
      9. Justin – make sure  you get access to dropbox and wordpress from Stan
      10. How much can we reimburse for food? $3/head up to $300 max
        1. Dave Butcher is the treasurer
        2. Contacts are not identified on the PSEC site
  11. Membership discussion
    1. How to get nontraditional groups to be members of PSEC? How do we represent them?
    2. The organization of other groups is not clear
    3. What about PMI?
    4. American Society of Plumbing Engineers?
    5. Do we have a statement of membership benefits? What are we communicating to people when we invite them?
    6. Main benefits:
      1. Engineering Awards
      2. Engineering Fair
      3. Mentor Nights
      4. Inter-society trading of knowledge
  12. Regional Science Fair call for judges
    1. Kathi emailed out flyers
    2. Saturday March 16th in Bellevue
    3. Details in the flyer for how to sign up
  13. Action Item Review
  14. Adjourn