PSEC Meeting 10/01/2018

Agenda approved, minutes approved

Around the room

  • Some organizations are required to go through their HQ before communicating with their members to laws from Europe)
  • Multiple clubs now have their events on the PSEC Calendar

Treasurer Report

  • Request to update roster
  • Request for dues will be coming soon
  • Nonprofit status is reinstated – this means PSEC is eligible for Boeing (and other corporate) funding
  • Need to refile every year to avoid losing it again

Calendar Updates

  • Engineering fair is confirmed for Museum of Flight for Feb 9
  • Banquet is no longer tentative (will again be held at the Museum of Flight)
  • Currently no mentor nights scheduled

Website Updates

  • Open action to create an inventory for physical things PSEC owns (banners, etc). Considering wordpress for this use
    • Expect an email asking “who has what?”
    • If you have an item that belongs to PSEC, let Stan know
    • What about previous discussion on need for a storage unit?
  • Mentor night reporting – this action hasn’t been worked yet because no mentor nights are scheduled. Idea is to have a standard template that people can complete after mentor nights to capture details/feedback.

Banquet Update

  • Museum of Flight, Skyline room, 6-10pm
  • 5pm we are allowed in for set up
  • 6-7 social
  • 7 dinner
  • Speaker – asked the UW Bothell Dean of the College of STEM to be speaker, Dr. Elaine Scott
    • One Academic award 3 years ago
    • Topic has not been decided, but have proposed something about trends in education
    • Not confirmed but “she will probably say yes”
    • Sam is open to having other speakers if people have suggestions
    • Agreement to give her a deadline of the end of the month to confirm, otherwise 11/01 we will need to reach out to secure other speakers
  • This will be the 61st annual banquet. Unfortunately we do not have any archives going back to ’58.
  • Food is not arranged
  • Working to secure a $2,000 donation from Boeing for this event
  • Sam has created a spreadsheet to break down the past award winners and their employers.
    • 39 of the past winners were Boeing employees, 27 were UW, all other companies are single digits
    • Fundraise? Before we solicit sponsorship, we need to figure out what we have to offer in exchange for sponsorship (ex, company name in the program)
    • There are lots of Aerospace companies in the area
    • Civil engineers are typically the ones who submit nominations
    • If anyone has examples of tiered sponsorship, please share with the group.
    • Boeing pays $2,000 to get 4 dinners, their name on the event and screen
    • Proposed that (silver) $500 – 1 dinner, (gold) $1000 – 2 dinner, (platinum) $2000 – 4 dinners
    • Will also put logos on program and screen, but only “platinum” ($2,000+) will be on the screen. Logos will vary in size based on sponsorship level.
    • All of this sponsorship is to sponsor the Awards Banquet, not PSEC in general
  • We will definitely want to have the Speaker finalized before creating the program
  • We do not need to have the speaker lined up before we look for sponsorship
  • We need to list that we are a not for profit on the brochure
  • Remember to include “what is the banquet” “what is it for” “what are we asking for” “what do they get for sponsorship”
  • There will be a draft document that can be voted on/edited at next months meeting
    • It should be circulated electronically prior to the next meeting so that everyone can provide feedback.
  • November is our target month to approach people for sponsorship
  • Awards will appear on the PSEC website in the middle of October and an email will be sent out to PSEC reps
    • Stan will add the deadline to the calendar
  • We could also have a table in the banquet room for companies to leave a brochure on their firm


Mentor Nights

  • Email from Jason Salazar and a gentleman from Seattle U – they are willing to put on a mentor night. They need someone to chair this event
  • UW is doing an engineers week event and they would like some help for that – Gail Cornealius is coordinating student chapters on campus
    • All of our member societies have student chapters at UW
    • It is unclear what the ask from PSEC is
      • Is she looking for us to send this info out to members or to attend the event and participate as PSEC?
      • Unclear if this event is in April or February
    • Seattle Pacific is coordinating an event without PSEC – no mentor night stuff
    • Need to follow up with Seattle Central for mentor night 3rd week in January
    • We typically don’t have any in the Fall?
      • Usually Seattle Pacific, Seattle U, UW Bothell maybe would be interested?
      • Need to follow up with UW Bothell to see if they are interested
    • Need to find out what the proposed date it is for Seattle U
    • Need to recruit more people to be coordinators

Action Item Review

  • Dave talked to Kathi about non-traditional potential PSEC members