November 5, 2018 PSEC Meeting

  1. Call to Order
    Meeting called to order at 6:08pm
  2. Approval of Agenda
    Motion to approve agenda, seconded, approved
  3. Approval of Minutes
    Marina just got access to the wordpress account and will post meeting minutes from this meeting and last.
  4. Around the Room
    Went around the room, received updates from different organizations in attendance. Many of which are viewable on the calendar.
  5. Treasurer Report
    New update since last report: banquet deposit made. Going to send the dues reminder email to current and past society members – some inactive groups may have interest again so hope to reach them this way. Send the dues request to treasurer, president, and dues rep. If unclear who to get a hold of will email anyone they know in the section
  6. Calendar
    -Added the PSEC Awards deadline to the calendar. Engineering fair and banquet are also on the calendar. These are the only dates set so far for PSEC.
    -Banquet is set as 6-10pm.
    -1st Thursday in December is AIAA fly off (free 1st Thursday evening). This is a competition for middle/high schoolers where they build an electric plane.
    -Reminder that you can sync your google calendar with the PSEC website to have your events auto-included in the PSEC Calendar
  7. Website Updates
    Not a lot of updates since last month other than adding the nominations form for awards. Deadline is the 14th. Added Marina’s email as secretary for the secretary alias so that emails will be sent to her for secretary.
  8. Banquet Update
    1. Still hunting for a speaker
      1. Elaine has a conflict and will not be able to speak
      2. We would like to have someone from the UW Bothell to talk about their experiences in stem… students attracting students to get in to STEM fields
  • Alternate topic is that we are close to the 50th anniversary of the 747’s flight
    1. Official Boeing historian to talk about the history of the 747
  1. Last year’s photographer sent an email about this year’s event
    1. Last year she upped her rate at the last minute (after the event)
    2. Could get her to commit to a price upfront this year
  • Or we could go to an alternative photographer
  1. Path forward is to ask her what her price is, if it works with our budget we will go with her and if it does not then we will find someone else
  1. Brochure describing different sponsorship logos
    1. Suggestion to add info on what the banquet, why is it happening, who comes
      1. Who’s going to be there, who will see your logo, etc
    2. Add PSEC logo on the top
  • Add pictures from last year too, maybe pictures of winners
  1. Clarify that companies are comfortable with having their logo shared (and confirm its not outdated)
  2. Add contact information
  1. When will we set up registration? Probably during November break
  1. Mentor Nights
    1. No updates on mentor nights – nothing added to the calendar
    2. Louie has an action item to look at Seattle Central and UW Bothell night
    3. Lacking a mentor night coordinator, it is not likely we will have any mentor nights
      1. Don’t we have some people signed up for this?
      2. Action item to look for a mentor night coordinator – go to their societies and ask for the volunteers
        1. President to put together an email call for mentor night coordinator & chair
  • We should identify who was coordinating individual locations in past years
  1. Coordinator and chair are two separate activities that require different people
    1. Jason may have descriptions from the past he can share
  2. Side topic – we don’t send out notices that meetings are occurring which likely contributes to low attendance. We haven’t sent out a notice in advance that these meetings are occurring and we want more people to be here.
    1. We used to send one on the Monday before to remind people and then reminders later in the week
    2. The president has to come out with an agenda with enough notice, or we can call it a draft agenda
  • Agenda stays pretty much the same, but some topics drop off the agenda after they occur
  1. Action Item Review
    1. Kathi was going to suggest non-traditional groups as candidates PSEC memberships
    2. Stan is still working on inventory list
      1. Kathi likely has the banner
      2. If you have stuff or know someone who has stuff email Stan!
    3. Stan is still working on template for mentor night report for website
    4. Share your google calendar with Stan!
    5. Dave added K-12 Outreach Career Day Speaker Coordinator Duties to drop box
      1. This was Steve’s role
      2. Highest priority for recruiting is mentor coordinators/chair but we should also keep this in mind for recruiting future responsibilities.
    6. Report on Speaker search is done
    7. Report on banquet sponsorship is done
    8. Still need to figure out what gail Cornelius wants for UW engineers week event
    9. Still need to check on possibility of seattle central and uq bothell mentor night
  2. Adjourn