1. Call to Order
    1. Meeting led by Kathy
  2. Approval of Agendas
    1. Kathy Motions to approve
    2. Agenda approved
  3. Approval of Minutes
    1. Meetings not available to approve yet
  4. Around the Room
    1. Beth Mendy – planning the engineering fair, here to give updates, represents EWB, chapter meeting on 3rd Tuesday
    2. Marina Dannecker – SWE holiday party and board meeting coming
    3. Charles – Next meeting will be the 3rd Monday in January
    4. Louie with national society of metals, joining meeting this month with AWS to talk about gold mining
    5. Cameron – Transitioning chair of AMSE, having a brewery tour (pike place brewing) instead of traditional dinner meeting in about 2 weeks. Following meeting in January at UW Bothell
    6. Dave Butcher – IEEE had their holiday party, board meeting on Tuesday
    7. Kathy Shoemaker with ASHRAE meeting next Tuesday
    8. Stan – IEEE
    9. Sam Gheesling ASME
  5. Treasurer Report
    1. The dues notice went out, only to those who have paid dues in the past
    2. Planning to send an email out to non active members to request that they “re-engage” rather than pay dues
    3. 4 checks have come in, deposited on Sunday
    4. Dues are based on number of members
  6. Engineering Fair Report
    1. Second Saturday of February, same day as the popsicle bridge competition, at the museum of flight
    2. Registration is open
    3. 2-3 organizations are registered
    4. Not the greatest turnout in the last two years
      1. Contacting school districts to increase turnout
    5. Flyer was sent to the key contacts for each organization
    6. Registration will be also sent out to PSEC reps
    7. Don’t take tallies at the door but do headcounts at each time
    8. Run into difficulties in the past because the fair is free but the museum is not
    9. Need to do something beyond relying on the popsicle event to bring in attendees
    10. All sponsored by societies and not by companies
    11. Goal is to get the word out early so that we do not need to hustle at the last minute
    12. Eventbrite is set up
  7. Calendar
    1. No changes to the calendar
    2. Engineering fair Feb. 9
    3. Banquet Feb. 16
  8. Website Updates
    1. No changes in the last month
    2. One issue with the events calendar, scrolling section wasn’t working because the software used to make calendars was not updated so new software had to be installed on the server, but that came through today 12/3/18. Now it works.
    3. If you see any issues let Stan know.
    4. There is an email list that new people should get onto. We also have a Facebook and twitter account for sharing announcements.
    5. Kathy – I was trying to send an email to Charles with his PSEC email alias and it bounced back
      1. Stan is pretty sure that this email works, so not sure what is causing the issue
    6. For those of you that aren’t aware there is a secretary, treasurer, president, webmaster etc. email accounts
  9. Banquet Update
    1. No difference in price this year for the menu that we used last year – so Sam would like to go ahead with the same menu as last year
      1. Same quantity of appetizers
      2. Everyone is on board.
  • Steak, salmon, vegetarian pasta
  1. Sam: Motion to stick with last year’s menu
    1. Marina Seconds the motion
    2. Motion passes unanimously
  2. February 16
  3. Speaker will be from UW Bothell STEM. 20-40 minutes of speech on the topic of getting students in STEM. Speaker is confirmed.
    1. Should this be 20-30 minutes?
      1. We have always asked for 20-40 minutes
    2. Louie will make Eventbrite – follow the same model as last year
      1. Need to write a CV
    3. Louie and Sam are still pursuing Boeing sponsorship
      1. The contact who did this before retired
      2. Then we lost our nonprofit status
  • We are now a 501c3 – full nonprofit!
  1. Sam has prepared a sponsorship proposal with photos
    1. Cameron: How have we marketed this to companies in the past?
      1. Someone has always had contact with Boeing and Boeing has always sponsored it
      2. Cameron would love to offer up a marketing package
        1. Could be put together by the end of the weekend
        2. Sam will email it to Cameron
      3. Getting the package to companies is another story
    2. Photographer – no updates here. Sam needs to respond to her.
      1. We need to have a clear understanding of how much this will cost
    3. Mentor Nights
      1. Louie has confirmed Seattle Central for January 31st (Thursday)
        1. Will make Eventbrite this week
      2. UW Bothell? Louie will talk to Elaine Scott about organizing this
        1. Cameron has another contact he can share
        2. Would be best to get in touch with the career center
  • It’s been a while (4 years maybe?) since we hosted this event
  1. We would like to have this event in February/march, but probably not until after the banquet
  2. Cameron will reach out to the career center
  1. We don’t have as many people involved in mentor nights as we used to
    1. We talked about this quite a bit last month
  2. Considering shoreline and EvCC for springtime
    1. Who were the focals for these schools?
      1. Steve?
    2. Also north Seattle community college
    3. Kathy to reach out to Jason and Steve to get their contacts at the schools
    4. Kathy has the banner
  3. Action Item Review
    1. Kathy is still working on the non traditional groups list
    2. Stan is still working on inventory list
    3. Kathy is needs to coordinate with Stan to send isow email
    4. Now that we have a mentor night schedules, Stan will create a mentor night report out for the website (how many attendees, school contact, who the mentors were, any notes
      1. Something that is suitable for social media shares is useful – photos maybe?
        1. If you take photos, make sure to put disclaimers that photos will be taken and let the school know that photos of students may be taken
      2. Charles still needs to follow up with Gail Cornelius
        1. Discovery Day?
      3. Charles still needs to send email about mentor night coordinator position
      4. Stan created a standing agenda template
    5. Walk on topics?
      1. Was the brochure on the website updated? No. Sam just opened it.
        1. Do we have copies that we can give out? Dave has lots that he can bring in
      2. Should we include computer science in PSEC?
        1. Yes, this is related to Kathy’s action
        2. We looked at our bylaws last year and there is no change required to add CS societies
  • It would be nice to get more members for mentor nights, and then that would hopefully lead to more attendance overall
  1. Louie would like to see the organization grow to 400+ in 5 years
  2. Maybe we should have a membership focal to handle reaching out to societies
    1. Past President?
  3. Cameron – I am hearing a general theme of lack of engagement
    1. We could pitch to companies to get them to encourage their members to get involved
  4. Many groups pay dues but do not have reps to send to meetings
  1. Adjourn
    1. 7:16 adjourn