Present: John Schaufelberger, Charles Beard, Stan Dyck, Dave Butcher, Kathi Shoemake, Sam Gheesling, Paul Grant

Pre-meeting discussion:

Sam received estimates only from Ray’s Boathouse. Their winter arrangement may only accommodate 70 people. Compared to Museum of Flight, Ray’s comes to $84 per plate (no flower arrangement included). Currently we are at $75.63 per plate at MoF (without flowers). $86.44 per person w/ flowers @ 150 people.
If we get more sponsors, we can reduce the price.

  1. Call to Order 6:15PM
  2. Approval of Agenda – approved
  3. Approval of Minutes – approved
  4. Around the Room –
    1. Stan – PSEC website, IEEE
    2. Kathi – ASHRAE – meeting 9/11, at Motif
    3. Dave – IEEE – Microsoft Building 99 6-9PM , radio exposure
    4. Sam – ASME – October 23, Razzi’s meeting speaker arrangement coming along
    5. John – Waterfront plan, next Tuesday
    6. Paul – Wednesday this week on hwy 99 tunnel
    7. Charles – AIAA – society restructuring. No meetings. 9/11 MoF celebration this month, 747 anniversary.
  5. Treasurer Report
    1. STEM Education Support amount left in the budget.
    2. Income remained the same as we were not very far off last year
    3. Discussion of other organizations to invite
    4. 2018-19 budget approved
  6. Calendar
    1. Verify date of Engineering Fair & lead contact- February 9th, 2019. – anniversary of 747
  7. Website Updates
    1. See link for Stan’s website blog
    2. Website has more capability availability that is not being used
    3. Board members may make changes and improvements to this website
    4. Sharing files through Dropbox.
    5. There are a series of email forwards used for executive positions – these have been forwarded to the appropriate coordinator
    6. How useful are weekly action items updates? – these will be continued
  8. Mentor Nights – no coordinator
    1. Seattle Pacific University was the October Mentor night last year – they have made the decision to go it alone.
  9. Banquet Proposal
    1. The board reviewed the comparisons
    2. Decision was made that Museum of Flight will remain the location of Engineer’s Award banquet
    3. October meeting will bring potential sponsors. Will need to identify a couple sponsor tiers and benefits.
  10. Action Item Review
    1. K-12 Outreach Coordinator – we’re going to come up with a job description next meeting
    2. Outreach to non-traditional member groups
    3. Send Stan a list and pictures of PSEC items at your homes
    4. ISOW survey to past attendees & PSEC reps
  11. Swearing in of 2018-19 Officers
  12. Adjourn 7:49PM