Sam Gheesling, Stan Dyck, George Bondor, Charles Beard, Kathi Shoemake, Hardik Dalal


  • Call to Order : 6:15 PM
  • Approval of Agenda : Motioned & Approved
  • Approval of Minutes : Motioned & Approved
  • Around the Room :
    • Charles Beard AIAA:
    • Sam Gheesling, ASME: Meeting 4/10 , Presentation on Sound Transit
    • Stan Dyck, IEEE: Calendar on website now
    • Kathi
    • Marina Daniker, SWE: 4/14th Girls Scout Event, 4/15th SWE to the movies, Ready Play
    • George Bondor,SAE: Meeting 4/21 Formula SAE team presentation at WWU
    • Hardik Dalal, SAMPE: April 16th WAC Student Night – student present research posters, presentation is a panel discussion on engineering. May is national conference in Long Beach
  • Treasurer Report : Shared at meeting
  • Storage – Hold, still gathering data, Suggestion made to look to
  • Calendar : Mentoring Activities, Shoreline College Mentor Night, ISOW, Next meeting May7th
  • Website Updates: Discussion on what is shared on PSEC website and mentor night calendar
  • Mentor Nights: Next PSEC mentor night is Shoreline April 25th
  • Engineering Fair: Next year
  • Awards Banquet: Alternate Location Discussion
  • ISOW : Please send 2-3 reps for discussion
  • Non-Traditional Groups: Adding to PSEC membership – tabled for later
  • Action Item Review – looking for outreach coordinator
    • Action Items sent to reps list weekly – does this work? Let Stan know.
    • LinkedIn – Stan has Admin Rights
    • New item: Determine relative cost for Banquet
  • Adjourn : 7:07 PM, Next meeting May 7th