I have made several changes to the PSEC Calendar that I wanted to highlight. Hopefully, they will make it easier to see what events we are sponsoring and also see the events of our member societies.

  • The first item is that I’ve added a few new member society calendars. Welcome to the IEEE, and the Engineers Without Borders Puget Sound Chapter. That brings us up to 4 events calendars all in place at our site. Contact me if you want to add yours.
  • The embedded calendar on the Events page is the same aside from the addition of the two new calendars. You can also view the calendar in its own page and even import it to your own personal calendar.
  • Below the embedded month view I have placed two list views. At the top is a list of all the upcoming PSEC sponsored and PSEC endorsed events including our monthly meetings our Mentor Night events. This list will show the next few months at all times. Below that is another list of events from all of our participating member societies like SWE, ASHRAE and the IEEE. I’ve put a designation for the society in front of the first line of the event title and color-coded each society so you can tell them apart. Both the PSEC events list and the member society events list are sourced directly from our calendar so any changes made will be reflected on this page within 2 hours.

My hope is that this resource will be of value to everyone. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make it better, please drop me a line. I’m at webmaster@pseconline.org.