Date: Monday, June 5, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Razzis Pizzeria (Party Room) 8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103 (map)
Next Meeting:  Monday September 11, 2017

Meeting Minutes

In attendance

  • Don Fleming, IISE
  • Art & Jude Moss, ASQ
  • Chris Roberdeau, AIAA
  • Luis Leon, ASM
  • John Shaufelberger, WSPE
  • Sam Gheesling, ASME
  • Dave Butcher, IEEE
  • Ray Willaford, INCOSE
  • Kathi Shoemake, ASHRAE
  • Connie, SWE
  1. Introductions & Updates on Member Societies’ Events: All
  2. Approval of Agenda
    1. Approved
  3. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes:
    1. Need to update minutes to provide clear detail on the election following the approval of the slate of candidates
      1. 2017-2018 officer election held
      2. Charles Beard, Dave Butcher and Kathi Shoemake were elected to president elect, treasurer and secretary positions for 2017-2018
      3. Chris Roberdeau becomes president (this is not elected, this is part of the progression of the position)
      4. Dave Butcher becomes past president (this is not elected, this is part of the progression of the position)
  4. Treasurer’s Report:
    1. Julie was not in attendance
  5. By-Laws Update:
    1. Discussed changes
    2. Vote taken: unanimous approval for updated by-laws
    3. John to send to Stan for publication on website
  6. Non-Profit Status Next Steps:
    1. Dave will contact Julie to get current status and correspondence with IRS
    2. Based on review of correspondence take next step
      1. If IRS solely requesting update of by-laws, send updated by-laws
      2. If additional requirements, Dave to research next step
  7. Website Updates:
    1. Stan was not in attendance
  8. ISOW:
    1. Successful event
    2. 21 participants
    3. Great venue
    4. Notes from tables sent out to attendees
    5. Dave to put the notes on the PSEC web site and send out a link to all reps
  9. Mentor Nights:
    1. Seattle Central was successful: 136 students, 19 mentors
    2. Shoreline was good for an infrequent event: 20 students, 8 mentors
  10. The Year in Review:
    1. Dave gave a presentation reviewing the year
    2. Dave thanked all who have given their time over the year making PSEC successful
    3. Presentation is in Dropbox
  11. Incoming President Remarks:
    1. Chris thanked Dave for service
    2. Chris talked about things to accomplish over the next year
  12. Open Discussion:
  13. Action Items from Previous and this Meeting Review:
  14. Swearing in New PSEC Officers:
    1. John swore in Chris, Dave and Kathi as the 2017-2018 officers
    2. Charles was not in attendance