Date: Monday, May 1, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Razzis Pizzeria 8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103
Next Meeting:  Monday, June 5, 2017


Stan Dyck IEEE
Sam Gheesling ASME-WWS
Louie LeFevre SAME
John Schaufelberger WSPE-SEA
Luis Leon ASMI
Frank Portello, Turner Joy Bremerton Historic Ships Assoc.
John Hanson, Turner Joy Bremerton Historic Ships Assoc.
Jason Salazar PSEC Volunteer
Paul Grant ASCE
Kathi Shoemake ASHRE
Art & Jude Moss ASQ
John Hicks Guest


  1. Introductions & Updates on Member Societies’ EventsAll
    • See attendance above. Sam ran the meeting.
  2. Approval of AgendaAll
    • Agenda approved with some rearranging.
  3. Approval of Prior Meeting MinutesAll
    • Minutes approved as written
  4. Turner Joy Presentation: John Hanson, Frank Portello
    • John and Frank gave a presentation and an introduction to the programs they run on the USS Turner Joy. They offer classes that target the 5th-7th grade level students that present STEM topics.
    • The seek a partnership with the PSEC perhaps using our Mentor program as a resource.
    • Some discussion ensued. Louie agreed to present a more formal list of ideas to be brought to the next meeting.
  5. Treasurer’s ReportJulie Bennett (SWE)
    • Julie was not in attendance. Some report will need to be delieverd for the June meeting.
  6. By-Laws Update: Julie Bennett (SWE)
    • John sent out an email before the meeting with the suggested language changes in the bylaws required to maintain our tax status. Some rearranging of the text was made (PSECBylaws-2017 revision proposal -May 1).
    • John agreed to collect the changes and send it out with the goal of voting on the changes at the June meeting.
  7. Website UpdatesStan Dyck (IEEE)
    • Stan updated the registration for the domain for another year.
  8. ISOW: Kathi Shoemake (ASHRAE)
    • To be held this weekend. An announcment has gone out. RSVPs were requested.
    • Kathi will work to get an announcement on the website.
  9. Mentor NightsJason Salazar (PSEC)
    • 2 more events in May
    • Jason repoted on the Bellevue event. It was the largest such event yet there with 70+ students and 9 mentors
    • Luis reported on the Highline College event. It had around 50 students and 10 mentors. He got a good list of recommendations/feedback which he will use for future events.
    • Luis also reported that the upcoming Seattle Central event has about 66 students and 14 mentors signed up so far. He will send out another message to solicit more.
    • Art reported on the Everett event. There were around 7 mentors and lots of students in attendance.
    • An SPU event was added for October 17th.
  10. 2017-2018 Officer Elections: Sam Gheesling (ASME)
    • A new slate of candidates was approved for election at next months meeting. They are
      • Chris Roberdeau – President
      • Charles Beard – President Elect
      • Dave Butcher – Treasurer
      • Kathi Shoemake – Secretary
  11. Open DiscussionAll
    • Art reported from the AmCon show. There was a lot of 3D printing displays this year. Art will bring leftover materials to the ISOW
    • Stan reported that he will not be able to attend the June meeting. Kathi agreed to handle the secretary duties.
  12. Action Items from Previous and this Meeting ReviewAll
    • See below

Action Items

  • Look into getting a new Outreach Coordinator [Chris/Dave]
  • Ask for volunteers for k-12 STEM coordinator
  • Add some banquet photos to website [Stan]
  • Add ISOW announcement to website [Kathi]
  • Get treasurers report from Julie [Stan]
  • Send revised bylaws to John for distribution [Stan]
  • Ask Dave to bring the trifold to the ISOW [Kathi]