Date: Monday, February 6, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Location: Conference Call


Stan Dyck IEEE
John Schaufelberger WSPE-SEA
Suzanne Hakam SWE
Chris Roberdeau AIAA
Art & Jude Moss ASQ
Luis Leon ASMI
Steve Snelling IISE
Louie Lefevre SAME

Note: The regular meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather. Chris convened a conference call to cover agenda item 8, the Banquet. The following minutes were taken

  • Contracts and catering are all completed
  • Luis reports that there are 83 signed up with as many as 10 more expected. Tables are assigned. List will be finalized on Wednesday for the caterer.
  • Stan will handle printing the name badges. There was some discussion as to what information should go on the badges. Stan will work with Sam and Luis to make sure we have the right badge size and format.
  • Setup time will be at 5:30 PM.
  • Sam sent an email to the photographer detailing the expectations. She was the photographer a couple of years ago so we expect she knows the ropes.
  • Dave is working on the program and will have them printed on Wednesday.
  • John has the plaques and will need a display table for them and the Governor’s proclamation.
  • Sam will bring the projector and laptop for the presentations.
  • It was agreed that if more details need to be worked out, Chris may call another conference call before Saturday.
  • A list of attendees needs to go to the Museum of Flight so that they know who to admit.

Action Items

  • Get final banquet attendees list to Stan [Luis]
  • Bring laptop and projector to MoF [Sam]
  • Send attendees list to MoF [Chris]
  • ISOW co-chair is needed. Please ask college reps [All]
  • Look into getting a new Outreach Coordinator [Chris/Dave]
  • Work with existing coordinators to finalize Mentor Night dates [Jason]
  • Discuss Mark’s proposal with your society [all reps]
  • Bring trifold and banner for Chris for the Fair [Luis]
  • Look into updating the PSEC trifold [future agenda item]
  • Write letter of support for Seattle U [Dave]