Mark D’Amato, P.E. S.E.
DCI Engineers

Mark D’Amato, P.E., S.E., DCI Engineers

2017 Award Recipient

Nominated by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Structural Engineers Association of Washington

Mark D’Amato, P.E., S.E., DCI Engineers, has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 Professional Engineer of the Year Award for his outstanding service to the engineering profession and his lifetime of achievement in excellence and innovation in structural engineering. He  designs and manages projects for clients in the commercial, medical, residential, industrial, and marine sectors.  His expertise lies in the design of post-tensioned concrete and steel framed structures.  His special areas of interest include high-rise building design, seismic retrofit, and the design of brick and structural glass cladding systems.

He has extensive project experience gained over his 38-year career as a structural engineer.  His engineering for low cost housing and municipal buildings are noteworthy for their economical and durable designs.  Many of his iconic structures have changed the skylines of cities while pushing the envelope of engineering and construction practice.  Throughout his career, he has advocated for advances in engineering techniques that contribute to building efficiency and streamlined construction.  The University District’s 47th + 7th apartment building was the result of nearly seven years of research and development into modular construction techniques.  Using pre-fabricated steel framed wall and floor systems containing plumbing, electrical systems, fire sprinklers, and interior cabinetry; it was assembled like an erector set.  The outcome was a highly sustainable and sleek, modern building that does not appear as a modular building.

In addition to his engineering work, he is actively involved in his community.  He participated in Washington STEM and the Bellevue Downtown Association.  He hosts high school students to tour the Seattle Center to show the works of several great civil/structural engineers who contributed to the amazing structural legacy.  He often visits local high schools to encourage students to pursue careers in structural engineering.