Date: Monday, January 9, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Razzis Pizzeria 8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103


Stan Dyck IEEE
John Schaufelberger WSPE-SEA
Sam Gheesling ASME-WWS
George Bondor SAE
Chris Roberdeau AIAA
Mark Powers SME & IISE
Paul Grant ASCE
Art & Jude Moss ASQ
Luis Leon ASMI
Dave Butcher IEEE
Steve Snelling IISE
Louie Lefevre SAME

Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions & Updates on Member Societies’ EventsAll
    • Attendance list is above
  2. Approval of AgendaAll
  3. Approval of Prior Meeting MinutesAll
    • Accepted as written
  4. Treasurer’s ReportJulie Bennett (SWE)
    • Julie was not present. No treasurer’s report
  5. Website UpdatesStan Dyck (IEEE)
    • The Banquet page has been updated with the announcement and keynote speaker.
    • The Awards page will be updated next. Stan will assist John with this as the bios and pictures are collected.
  6. K-12 STEM: Mark Powers (IISE)
    • Mark presented a proposal. He requests that the PSEC Reps plug this with their societies.
    • Mark will send out a note and offered to help plug this for societies that want more information.
    • Louie suggested that we might push this to the tech community.
  7. Engineering Fair: Chris Roberdeau (AIAA)
    • Less than a month away. All is go
    • Popsicle stick bridge competition will now be placed within view of the booths to help generate cross traffic.
    • 12 booths are sold with more expected.
    • No word yet from FIRST Robotics. If someone has a contact, please talk to Chris.
    • Volunteers are still appreciated.
    • Louie reported that SAME will not participate this year but it does look likely that they will next year.
    • Chris will do a Fair report for the website.
  8. BanquetSam Gheesling (ASME)
    • The banquet sponsorship from Boeing is still being worked out be Sam expects it will come though it will probably be late.
    • The announcement has been posted. 7 awards will be made this year. The paperwork is complete
    • Shelly Oberman will be doing the photography instead of Seattle Met. We still need to get a link for the 2016 photos from them.
    • Stan agreed to do the badges again this year.
    • Someone is still needed to handle the back table duties.
    • Dave is working on the programs.
    • Sam will be the emcee
    • The Governor’s proclamation has been requested.
  9. Awards: John Schaufelberger (WSPE)
    • The awards are finished. there will be 7 recipients this year. Posting will be done soon.
    • John suggested that next year we provide copies of well-done nomination forms from the past to serve as examples to future nominators.
    • Some discussion was had about the requirements for the Kenneth Porter award related to a minimum number of years served in an educational capacity. This was tabled for further discussion later.
  10. Mentor NightsJason Salazar (PSEC)
    • Jason did not attend. Luis reported that only 8 mentors had been signed up for the SCC Mentor night so far. More are needed soon.
    • Future Cities is still looking for judges.
    • The Bellevue Mentor Lunch will be longer than last year. Probably an afternoon session (1-3 PM)
  11. ISOWDave Butcher (IEEE)
    • Dave is looking for a co-chair. Please talk to him if you want to help.
  12. Letter of Support SU NSF Grant: Dave Butcher (IEEE)
    • Dave presented a request from Seattle University for a letter of support for their NSF grant proposal. They are planning to rework their mechanical engineering program. The deadline given was January the 13th.
    • Dave recommended that we supply such a letter and the PSEC agreed. Dave will draft and send the letter by the 13th.
  13. Open DiscussionAll
    • Louie reported that the SAME chapter on the Penninsula is looking to start a Mentor Night program modeled on ours over in Kitsap county. As the SAME PSEC representative, he plans to act as a go-between for this effort.
    • Chris asked if other representative had received dues notices yet. He is the AIAA treasurer and had not received any yet.
  14. Action Items from Previous and this Meeting ReviewAll
    • See action item list below

Action Items

  • ISOW co-chair is needed. Please ask college reps [All]
  • Look into getting a new Outreach Coordinator [Chris/Dave]
  • Work with existing coordinators to finalize Mentor Night dates [Jason]
  • Discuss Mark’s proposal with your society [all reps]
  • Bring trifold and banner for Chris for the Fair [Luis]
  • Look into updating the PSEC trifold [future agenda item]
  • Write letter of support for Seattle U [Dave]