Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, December 5, 2016
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Razzis Pizzeria 8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103


Stan Dyck IEEE
Chris Roberdeau AIAA
Julie Bennett SWE
John Schaufelberger WSPE-SEA
Sam Gheesling ASME-WWS
Katie Elliott SWE
Art & Jude Moss ASQ
Steve Snelling IISE

Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions & Updates on Member Societies’ Events: All
    • Attendance was smaller, probably because of the weather
  2. Approval of AgendaAll
    • Agenda was cut a bit because of the attendance.
  3. Approval of Prior Meeting MinutesAll
    • Approved with an adjustment to Mark Powers’ society affiliation
  4. Treasurer’s ReportJulie Bennett (SWE)
    • The tax status issue has not been resolved yet. Louie identified a tax attorney but Julie decided that it wouldn’t be necessary if we did not make the status retroactive but rather just re-applied. Julie and Chris will work on filling out the forms.
    • The dues emails have been sent or are in the process.
    • A check went out for the Web hosting but no other checks this month.
  5. Website UpdatesStan Dyck (IEEE)
    • No big updates this month
    • Chris pointed out that we may not post photos of minors without written permission from their guardians.
  6. K-12 STEM: Mark Powers (IISE)
    • This was deferred since Mark was not in attendance.
  7. Engineering Fair: Chris Roberdeau (AIAA)
    • The booths email has gone out. Reminders will go out in another week or so. Beth is continuing to help Chris.
    • UW Advantage group has signed up for a booth. If you know anyone who would potentially want to get a booth, please forward their information to Chris or Beth.
    • The popsicle stick bridge competition is potentially being moved closer to the rest of the activity which should improve the traffic.
    • Chris hopes to get possibly a commercial aircraft in the parking lot this year and perhaps a distinguished guest (though that is more likely to happen next year)
    • Hoping for a better year than last year (which was already the best year ever)
  8. BanquetSam Gheesling (ASME)
    • A speaker is booked. Sam will post the announcement.
    • There was some discussion about possibly changing the photographer this year. We have used the Seattle Met photographers in the past. John and Katie agreed to attempt to line up a bid by the 10th of December. The PSEC officers will make a decision after the 10th.
    • The eventbrite site still needs to be set up. Luis and Sam are handling it.
  9. Awards: John Schaufelberger (WSPE)
    • A nomination has been submitted!
    • The deadline is still the 16th of December.
  10. Mentor NightsJason Salazar (ASME)
    • Jason was not in attendance. There has been no resolution on the schedule for the Spring events but is is being worked.
    • A couple of new coordinators are being brought in and trained.
  11. Open DiscussionAll
    • Art reported that the AmCon event will be held April 11th-12 in Bellevue. A motion was passed to authorize up to $400 for expenses.
    • Steve talked a bit about broadcasting volunteer opportunities. Stan pointed out that there is a page on the website for this that is being underutilized. If you are looking to get volunteers for something, consider using that site. Simply write a post and assign it to the Volunteer Opportunities category. It will automatically appear on that page.
  12. Action Items from Previous and this Meeting ReviewAll
    • See the list below

Action Items

  • Create Student Banquet presentation [Mark]
  • Need someone to set up banquet eventbrite [Luis/Sam]
  • ISOW co-chair is needed. Please ask college reps [All]
  • Look into getting a new Outreach Coordinator [Chris/Dave]
  • Look at pro photographers (6-10pm) [John/Katie]
  • Work with existing coordinators to finalize Mentor Night dates [Jason]