Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, October 3
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Razzis Pizzeria 8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103


Stan Dyck IEEE
Paul Grant ASCE
Dave Butcher IEEE
Art & Jude Moss ASQ
Beth Mende EWB
Louie LeFevre SAME
Jason Salazar ASME
Ray Willaford INCOSE
Sam Gheesling ASME
Steve Snelling IISE
Luis Leon ASMI
Mark Powers AIAA
John Schaufelberger WSPE
Bill VanValeenberg AIAA
Julie Bennett SWE
Rosie Pham SWE

Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions & Updates on Member Societies’ Events: All
    • See attendance above
  2. Approval of Agenda: All
    • Approved with no modifications
  3. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes: All
    • Approved with no modifications
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Julie Bennett (SWE)
    • No changes from last year’s budget
    • Dues notices will go out in October
    • First check for banquet will go out this month as well.
  5. Website Updates: Stan Dyck (IEEE)
    • See linked report
  6. Portland Student Banquet: Mark Powers (IISE)
    • Mark presented a document with 4 recommendations for going forward with a student banquet.
    • Some points:
      • It would be a good to use as outreach to other societies
      • Recruitment is key. There needs to be a strong interest
      • It was suggested that maybe individual societies could spearhead the effort and to narrow the focus
    • Mark agreed to make a more formal proposal for next month.
  7. Banquet: Sam Gheesling (ASME)
    • A speaker has been invited but we are still waiting for a response. A secondary choice has also been identified.
    • The contract with the Museum of Flight has been initiated
    • After the venue is confirmed Sam will work on the catering
    • The menu will be the same as last year with the same price.
  8. Awards: John Schaufelberger (WSPE)
    • Nomination forms email was sent out.
    • Everyone should get the word out and nominate worthy candidates.
    • The deadline for nominations will be December 17th
  9. Mentor Nights: Jason Salazar (ASME)
    • Schedule is on the Mentor Nights page
    • There is some space on the Fall calendar. It’s a difficult time for schools to schedule. Discussion about moving the Seattle Central event from January to November and Bothell event might be slotted for Fall but not until next year.
    • Seattle Central is looking for more diversity in the mentors. Also a wider selection of disciplines.
    • New volunteers are always welcome.
    • Jason is looking to create a general signup sheet so that mentors can be kept informed about all events
  10. ISOW: Dave Butcher (IEEE)
    • John suggested May 6th as the date. This was agreed to by the Council.
    • We will try to get the student chapters to participate this year.
  11. AIAA Tech Symposium: Chris Roberdeau (AIAA)
    • Bill Van Valkenberg gave a presentation to the group about this event on November 19th.
    • This is a one-day seminar at the Museum of Flight for $150 and a steep student discount.
    • Please let your society members know about the event.
  12. Open Discussion: All
    • Luis reports that the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers is having a conference here in Seattle on November 2-6.
    • There was some discussion about what to do with the money that we have in past years given to students for the First Robotics competition.
    • An extended conversation about the website home page. Stan made some suggestions about what could be done and suggested that conversation be continued on the Website Subcommittee
  13. Action Items from Previous and this Meeting Review: All
    • See action items below

Action Items

  • Make sure we have the photo on home page updated [Stan]
  • Send website hosting bill to Julie [Stan]
  • Contact Steve Allen about Society directory [Steve]
  • Create Student Banquet presentation [Mark]
  • Return Mark’s USB key [Stan]