webmasterI will be unable to attend the September meeting as I will be returning from vacation on the 12th. Instead, I will submit this report.

I think we made some good progress on the website last year and I would like to see that continue. Jason made a lot of improvements to the Mentor Nights page and it is looking good. I also am pretty happy with how the agenda and minutes posts are working out. I’d encourage you to look through the site and think of how the various sections could be improved.

There are a¬†couple of points of emphasis I’d like to work on for this year.

  • I’d like the various committee leaders to take charge of maintaining the section of the website that pertains to their area. So, in the same way that Jason keeps the Mentor Nights page up to date, the Fair committee should make sure their page is up to date and so on. I am here to help, though! Expect me to get in touch with you if you are in charge of something this year and we can work out what needs to happen. Who knows, you might even have fun doing it.
  • I’m going to continue to try to push on having a Website Subcommittee. This group should be the people that decide¬†what goes on the site and if necessary, assigns the people to do it. I’ll be talking more about this at the October meeting but if you are interested in being a part of this group or know someone who wants to be involved in the website, let me know about it and I can get them set up. There are no “meetings” per se but I have set up an on-line discussion board that we can all use to discuss topics and make decisions.

That’s it, I’ll see everyone in October. I hope we have a great year.