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  • The site was down for a bit this month as lunar pages upgraded a database without telling me about it. Steve reported it to me and I put in a ticket. I was getting on a plane as I reported it. It was resolved by the time I landed in Seattle.
  • We are coming up on the time when we have to renew our domain registration there. I assume everyone is ok with their hosting so I’ll renew. If this is a problem we can discuss it on our new…

Website Subcommittee

The main news this month is that the Website subcommittee has launched! If you are interested in seeing what we are talking about just go to the committee discussion site. There are several topics of discussion that you can follow.

You don’t have to just follow the discussion though. Anyone is welcome to join at any time. All you have to do is register on the site. Here are some of the topics we are currently discussing

Photo Attribution

I had an action item to look at how to do photo attribution on a WordPress site. I didn’t find anything specifically in the WordPress software that supports this, but it is possible to attach license information to any page where photos are posted. For example, say I post a photo on the website like this one.


This is my photo

Say I want to attach a license to the photo that makes it available for others to use as long as it isn’t for commercial purposes. I can just go to the Creative Commons choose a license page. There is a form there that you can fill out that let’s you specify the details about the license. It produces a snippet of HTML code that you can paste into your post next to the photo. Mine looks like this:

Creative Commons License
Stans Overlook by Stan Dyck is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

You can put this wherever you want on the page, preferably close to the image location. If it applies to more than one photo on the page, just put words to that effect in the text.