webmasterHappy 2016, everyone!


  • I removed the engineering awards nomination forms page after the December 18th deadline passed. I expect that the awards pages will be updated as the awards recipients are announced. We will need to get photos and biographies for the recipients. We will also need to get a bio for the banquet speaker.
  • Created a Dropbox folder to hold shared documents. The folder is owned by the PSEC gmail account. If you need access to the documents get yourself a Dropbox account and send me your email address. I will send you an invitation. At that point, you’ll be able to view, edit and create files in that folder. If you have documents to share for a PSEC meeting please consider just putting them in the Meetings folder instead of emailing them to me. Really, it’s a better option.
  • I have some site updates ready to install. These are normal software updates. I will wait until after the PSEC meeting to push them.