webmasterVery little to report this month. It became necessary for me to reinstall the operating system on my development machine so that took priority over anything else. I was able to make a few changes however:

  • The left-hand navigator on the site has been changed. It is not a two-level hierarchical layout. The archive section has been recast as a dropdown list. Take a look at it and please let me know if you have suggestions.
  • I decided to change the site registration policy. I had been leaving a registration link up on the site but I don’t have a lot of legitimate registrations and I get lots of illegitimate ones so I decided that I will turn on the registration link on the day of each PSEC meeting and leave it on for about a week after. Of course, if you would like to register yourself on the site and there is no link on the site you can email me and I’ll be happy to do it.
  • I started experimenting with automatic notifications. Using a site called hootsuite I am able to push site updates out to various social media outlets. Hootsuite gives you a function that allows you to schedule updates. So, this month, I sent out a reminder that the Engineer of the Year Awards nominations are due on December 18th.

As always, let me know if I can help you get something up on your website.