webmasterOnly a few items this month:

  • New navigation menu is more or less complete. I will show it during the November meeting and roll it out sometime in early November based on any feedback there. There are still a few display issues I’d like to resolve.
  • I added a Awards Nominations page with links to all the nomination forms. You should use this link to spread the word.
  • Hack attempts. This stuff is fascinating to me, and a bit scary. It is pretty important that if you have a registration you should have a strong password. I’ll show you an example why at the November meeting. I will probably turn off registration periodically through the month to combat registration spam.
  • Social media strategy is forming. We do have facebook, twitter and linkedin pages/accounts associated with PSEC. I have arranged things so that new posts get sent to these outlets. The only thing remaining is for people to begin following. If you use one of these outlets regularly make sure you know where they are and please spread the word to others. It is still the best way to get the word out on things that we are doing.