1. Introductions and updates:
    Greg Brown IIE: Conference in Nashville.  Nominations has found a candidate for president-elect.
    Dave IEEE: Decomposition of Natural Systems @ Microsoft campus.
    John WSPE will meet in Sept.
    Paul ASCE: 6/10 Projects awards @ Executive Inn
    Art ASQ: meets very 2nd Thursday.  “Digging into the Ram model”
    Tricia APWA: June board mtg
  2. Quorum established.  11 of 19 member societies in good standing.
  3. Agenda approved
  4. Treasurer’s report: One transaction to rewrite cheque; no impact.  Underspent by ~$4500, balance increased from prior year.
  5. Mentor Nights: Bellevue college 15 mentors, ~40 students.  Plenty of food.  Discussed ideas to improve attendance.
  6. Bylaws update: Sent out beginning 2 months ago.  Paul made a motion to accept bylaws.  Sam seconded.  Unanimous vote to accept; 29 votes.
  7. ISOW report: 28 officers, 17 societies.  Dave B and Carmen will lead the 2016 ISOW.  Details of the workshop were posted to website.
  8. New PSEC website is live.  Removed self-registration to minimize spam.  Stan will plan to explore and evaluate alternatives so in future registration will be easy.
  9. APWA briefing from Tricia: APWA is broader than engineering, e.g. includes maintenance.  Activities include Mariners Games and WA state standards.  
SWE briefing from Colleen: SWE PNW is 60 years old.  When founded <1% of engineers were women.  Now ~30,000 in >400 sections (professional, students, and activities beginning at or before kindergarten).  Only 18% of undergraduate engineering students and 19% of graduates.
  10. Year in review from Leon: introduced STEM teacher of the year award.